First Public Bus Service Package Under New Government Contracting Model

News Releases 28 May 2014 bus contracting bus depot

Tender to be called in the second half of 2014,
buses to operate from the new Bulim bus depot

As announced last week, the Government will restructure the public bus industry to a “Government contracting model” starting from the second half of this year. This new industry model will enable the Government to make public bus services more responsive to changes in ridership and commuter needs, as well as inject more competition into the industry, and raise service levels for commuters over time.

  1. As part of this transition, LTA will tender out three packages of bus services comprising about 20% of existing buses over the next two years.

First bus service package under Government contracting model

  1. The first package of public bus services will comprise 24 existing bus services originating from the Jurong East, Bukit Batok and Clementi Bus Interchanges, to be operated out of the new Bulim bus depot located off Jurong West Avenue 2. The bus services will serve largely the Jurong East and Bukit Batok areas. This package will start with about 380 buses in 2016, before growing to about 500 buses in 2021, in tandem with ridership growth and the development of Tengah New Town and Bukit Batok West. The package will be tendered out in the second half of 2014, for implementation from the second half of 2016.
  2. This first package comprises 16 bus services from SBS Transit and 8 bus services from SMRT.

First Bus Package under Government Contracting Model
(operating out of the new Bulim depot)

16 SBST Services

8 SMRT Services

49, 66, 78, 79, 96, 97, 97e, 98, 143, 183, 282, 284, 285, 333, 334 and 335

77, 106, 173, 177, 189, 941,
945 and 947







  1. The new Bulim bus depot is scheduled to be completed in 2015 and will be able to accommodate about 500 buses. It will be equipped with workshop facilities for the refuelling, maintenance and repair of buses.
  2. Details of the second and third bus packages will be announced later.

Safeguarding the welfare of workers

  1. LTA has been in consultation with the National Transport Workers Union (NTWU) and bus operators, and will work closely together to help bus industry workers understand bus contracting better, and how their interests will be safeguarded.
  2. The Public Transport Tripartite Committee[1] chaired by Senior Minister of State for Transport Mrs Josephine Teo, and comprising LTA, the Ministry of Manpower and the NTWU, will oversee measures to ensure a smooth transition for affected workers. The Tripartite Committee has been engaging bus industry workers since last week.
  3. “The job security and welfare of bus captains, technicians and other workers in the bus industry are our key priorities. We have started meeting them to hear their feedback and concerns. The Public Transport Tripartite Committee will work closely with the various parties to address these concerns, oversee the transitional arrangements for manpower, and safeguard the welfare of the affected bus workers,” said Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Mrs Josephine Teo.

Annex A : Details of the First Bus Service Package

[1] Formed in February 2014, the Public Transport Tripartite Committee aims to build a sustainable workforce with a Singaporean core for the bus and rail industry, and provide a platform for engagement and consultation on policies that affect the public transport workforce. The Committee is chaired by Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Mrs Josephine Teo, with representatives from the LTA, the Ministry of Manpower, National Transport Workers’ Union, SBS Transit and SMRT.

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