Clementi, Commonwealth and Queenstown Stations Get New Entrances, Facilities

News Releases 31 Jul 2014 station upgrade

Improvements and More Trains to Lead to Better Service

            Station upgrading works at Clementi, Commonwealth and Queenstown stations are progressing well with the new entrances at Clementi station achieving basic structural completion last month.

2          To enhance accessibility and connectivity to MRT stations, LTA started works to upgrade Clementi, Commonwealth and Queenstown MRT stations in 2012.  The upgraded stations are to serve new developments in those neighbourhoods and increases in future travel demand.  Works at all three stations are on track to complete by around the middle of next year.

New station facilities to boost convenience, comfort

3          At Clementi station, two new pedestrian sheltered link bridges will connect both sides of the road to the extended station concourse. After tapping in at the fare gates, commuters will be directly linked to the train platforms.  Two escalators and a lift will also be added on each side of the road, so commuters - including the elderly - can easily access the station through the newly constructed link bridges.

4          Lift and escalator installation works will begin at both station entrances over the next few months. This will be followed by installation of roof panels over the steel columns, before electrical and mechanical services[1] are fitted in. Testing and commissioning of the lift and escalators will start in the first quarter of next year.

5          We are also making good progress with structural works at Commonwealth station and piling works at Queenstown station.

6         The combined station enhancements will alleviate congestion on the existing link bridges of the three stations, especially during morning and evening peak periods, and provide commuters with greater convenience and comfort.

7          Upgrading works are slated for several other stations, including installing a lift at Tanah Merah station (in the direction of Changi) and providing a drop-off bay with a high covered roof at Pasir Ris and Bishan stations.

More Trains for the North-South-East-West Line

8          While station upgrading works continue, new trains for the North-South-East-West Lines (NSEWL) have been arriving in Singapore since early this year and are gradually being added into the system. The first new train was added to the East - West Line in February and another two trains were added to the line in July.  Three more trains are undergoing testing and commissioning and will be added to the system by September this year.

9          With the new additions, and completion of on-going re-signalling and track renewal, commuters will find it easier to board trains during the busiest peak hour periods. New trains are also used to replace older trains that will be taken off revenue service to undergo re-signalling upgrading works.  The larger train fleet allows SMRT to provide added capacity and carry out maintenance works without compromising service levels. Commuters should experience shorter waits and a less crowded and more comfortable journey.

Annex A: Station Upgrading Works at Clementi station
Annex B: Artist’s Impressions of Clementi station


[1] These include the Supervisory Control System (SCS), Communications system (COMMS), Rail Travel Information System (RATIS), Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)



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