Environmental Resources Management to Assess Environmental Impact of Cross Island Line

News Releases 04 Jul 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Cross Island Line (CRL)

      The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has appointed Environmental Resources Management (S) Pte Ltd (ERM) to carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the portion of the Cross Island Line (CRL) around the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR).
2    ERM, a global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting services, has put together a team of highly qualified specialists to undertake the EIA study.  The team, who have conducted similar EIA studies for transport projects in places such as United Kingdom, includes a biodiversity arm that has a good understanding of Singapore’s environment. 

3   The EIA study of the CCNR and its surrounding areas will start immediately. In Phase 1 of the study, the Consultant will conduct a baseline study of the existing ecosystem and the physical conditions along the various alignment options. The Consultant will also be required to provide a mapping of habitats, assess the impact of proposed soil investigation works and recommend guidelines and appropriate mitigating measures prior to carrying out any activities in the CCNR. In Phase 2, the consultant will focus on assessing the potential impact to the CCNR during the construction and train operations. It will also propose mitigation measures during these stages.  The EIA report is targeted for completion in 2016 and will assist the Government in making a considered decision on the eventual CRL alignment.

4   Mr Chew Hock Yong, LTA’s Chief Executive, said, “Since the commencement of this project, stakeholders and interested parties such as the nature and residents groups have provided us with valuable inputs. We will continue to engage them as the project progresses.  The government will take into account these views, the findings from the EIA, as well as other factors such as connectivity, travel times, costs and land use compatibility, when deciding on the CRL alignment that will best serve the community.”

About the Cross Island Line (CRL)

5   The CRL was announced in January 2013 as part of the Government’s rail infrastructure expansion plan to double the rail network in Singapore by 2030. With a more extensive rail network, commuters will have more choices when travelling by public transport. Targeted for completion by 2030, the 50-km CRL will enhance connectivity between the east/north-east and the west of Singapore and provide commuters with an alternative to the current East-West Line.  In addition, it will connect to major radial lines to serve as a key transfer line, complementing the role currently fulfilled by the orbital Circle Line. This will relieve the load on several of our existing lines, bringing greater comfort to all commuters and shortening journey times. The CRL is also a critical component of our plans to enable eight in 10 households to be within a 10-minute walk of a train station by year 2030.

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