Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority & Singapore Land Authority - Thomson-East Coast Line: New MRT Links in the East

News Releases 15 Aug 2014 Downtown Line (DTL) DTL3 Extension (DTL3e) rail alignment Thomson Line (TSL) Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) Eastern Regional Line (ERL)

1.       The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is pleased to announce the rail alignment and station locations for the Eastern Region Line, which will run with the Thomson Line as a single line. When completed, this will be Singapore’s sixth rail line, to be known as the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).

2.       The 13-kilometre East Coast stretch of the TEL will connect commuters living in the eastern parts of Singapore and who are not directly served by the rail network currently, such as those in Tanjong Rhu, Siglap, Marine Parade, Upper East Coast and Bedok South, to the heart of the city. As part of the 43-kilometre long TEL, the East Coast stretch will also connect commuters to the North-South corridor. Fully underground, this new stretch will have nine stations, including one interchange station with the Downtown Line (DTL). In all, TEL will have 31 stations, of which seven are interchanges.

3.        In addition, LTA has finalised the alignment of the DTL3 Extension (DTL3e). This new extension will be 2.2 kilometres long and consists of two stations, including the interchange station with the East Coast stretch of TEL. It will improve public transport accessibility to the Changi Business Park and Expo areas. By linking the TEL and DTL, this extension also improves public transport connectivity in the eastern areas of Singapore, and helps relieve crowding on the East-West Line (EWL).

Time Savings and Greater Accessibility for Commuters in the Thomson and Eastern Areas of Singapore

4.        TEL will create new links in the east and bring about time savings for commuters who travel to the Central Business District today by bus, or to the northern part of Singapore. For instance, a resident from East Coast travelling to Orchard will almost halve his journey time from 75 minutes to 45 minutes. A Republic Polytechnic student staying at Marine Parade can reach home in an hour, 20 minutes faster than the bus ride currently.

5.        In addition, the TEL stations are designed with more entrances and exits. As part of our efforts to improve first and last mile connectivity, some of these entrances on the East Coast stretch will also be connected to longer underpasses of up to 400 metres. These underpasses shelter commuters against the weather, reduce the time taken to walk to and from the station, and improve safety, particularly for the elderly and children, by removing the need to cross roads.

Several Firsts for Singapore’s Rail Network

6.        The world’s first four-in-one train and bus depot will be built with the TEL. This first-of-its-kind depot will house buses, as well as trains for the TEL, EWL and DTL. At 36 hectares, the four-in-one depot can house around 220 trains and 550 buses. While building such a depot involves complex planning and significant engineering challenges, by integrating the train and bus depots, we will save 44 hectares of land, or an area of approximately 60 football fields. 

7.        LTA will also build Singapore’s first underground bicycle parks at MRT stations. Located at four of the stations[1] along the East Coast stretch of the TEL, these bicycle parks will be useful for commuters who wish to cycle to the MRT stations from their home or workplace.

TEL East Coast Stretch to be Operational by 2023

8.        The East Coast stretch of TEL will be completed in two stages. The first seven stations from Tanjong Rhu to Bayshore will be ready in 2023, while the remaining two stations, the DTL3e and the depot will be completed in 2024.

9.        When fully operational in 2024, the 31 stations on TEL are expected to serve about 500,000 commuters daily in the initial years, rising to one million commuters daily in the longer term.

10.      All efforts have been made to minimise land acquisition.  Unfortunately, the Government will still need to acquire six landed properties along Amber Road and one three-storey walk-up apartment along Tanjong Katong Road for the development of the TEL. In addition, nine part lots will be acquired.

11.      The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has gazetted the properties affected by acquisition today. Landowners who are affected will receive acquisition notices. SLA will work closely with affected owners and assist them throughout the acquisition process.

12.      Should members of the public require additional information, they may call the following hotlines

i.  On Thomson-East Coast MRT Line

LTA Hotline: 1800 2255 582

ii.  On land acquisition matters

SLA Hotline: 1800 323 9829


Annex A – Alignment of TEL
Annex B – Alignment of DTL3e
Annex C – Examples of time savings via travel on TEL

[1] The four stations with underground bicycle parking are Marine Parade, Marine Terrace, Bayshore and Sungei Bedok.


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