Silver Zones to Make Roads Safer for the Elderly

News Releases 04 Aug 2014 Silver Zone

LTA to Install New Road Safety Features in Five Residential Estates from August 2014 

          The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will install new road safety features at selected locations in five residential estates from August 2014, as part of the Silver Zone pilot programme to make our roads safer for senior pedestrians.

2.       As announced during the Committee of Supply Debate 2014, five locations in Bedok, Bukit Merah, Jurong West, Marine Parade and Yishun – estates with a large population of seniors and a relatively high accident rate involving seniors – have been identified as Silver Zones. A series of road safety improvements will soon be introduced in the estates. They are based on best practices overseas, such as in South Korea and New York City, where similar zones have been established to improve road safety for seniors.

3.        Some of the upcoming improvements include special road signs and markings to demarcate the Silver Zones, as well as traffic calming measures to slow down motorised traffic and enable motorists to keep a better look-out for pedestrians. These measures include pinch points to create a road narrowing effect, with ramp-downs for barrier-free access; chicanes to create curves along straight roads; road humps to reduce vehicle speeds; and centre dividers to create two-stage crossings. The speed limit on these roads will be reduced to 40km/h where possible.

4.        Works will begin in early August 2014 in Bukit Merah and Jurong West, and are expected to be completed by October and December respectively.

5.        Please refer to the Annex for the specific locations where the scheme will be implemented, and an artist’s impression of the Silver Zone at Bukit Merah View.

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