Transport infrastructure reviewed in tandem with demand

Media Replies 14 Aug 2014

We refer to Mr Liang Wern Kang’s letter “‘Transport demands in Clementi will only increase’ (ST, 7 Aug 2014).

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) works closely with land-use agencies to review the adequacy of transport infrastructure in tandem with any residential development.

Clementi is served by two MRT stations, Clementi MRT Station and Dover MRT station, which connects residents to destinations all around the island. New trains for the North-South-East-West Lines (NSEWL) have been arriving since early this year and are gradually being added into the system to shorten waiting time and increase carrying capacity.

The first new train for the East - West Line was added earlier in February of this year and subsequently two trains were further added in July. Three more trains will be added to the system later this year by September.   Peak period headways will improve with the progressive injection of more new trains and the completion of re-signalling project around 2018. Residents will benefit from the shorter waits and more comfortable rides when works are completed.

Clementi MRT Station is also being upgraded to improve commuters’ flow. Two new pedestrian sheltered link bridges will connect both sides of Commonwealth Avenue West to the extended station concourse. Two escalators and a lift will also be added on each side of the road, so that commuters such as the elderly can easily access the station through the newly constructed link bridges. Works are on track to be completed by the middle of next year.

Separately, to cater to ridership demand with more residential developments in the Clementi area, more bus trips during peak periods have been added to the existing bus services in Clementi under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme. For example, more buses have been added on Service 78,  173, 185 and 963 in second quarter 2014. We will continue to keep a close watch on the utilisation levels of bus services and work with public transport operators to target those that have the highest ridership demand for improvements.

To improve traffic flow for both public bus services and motorists, LTA will be carrying out road improvements on Clementi Road from Bukit Timah Road to AYE and Commonwealth Ave West (towards Jurong direction) between Clementi Road and Clementi Ave 6. A pair of flyovers will also be completed in 2016 which will provide dedicated access for traffic exiting PIE (east bound) to Clementi Avenue 6 and traffic entering Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) (west bound) from Clementi Avenue 6.

We thank the writer for the feedback. LTA and the public transport operators will continue to closely monitor changes in ridership demand in the area and make adjustments accordingly.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority

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