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Two New Characters Joining the Thoughtful Bandwagon

  1. Joining Stand-Up Stacey, Give-Way Glenda and Move-In Martin are two more cartoon characters to give us gentle tips on being a more considerate fellow commuter: today, Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah join the chorus to encourage us to be a little more thoughtful to one another.
  2. Stacey, Glenda and Martin were introduced to the public transport network this June to remind commuters to bring out their thoughtfulness to make travelling on public transport more pleasant. Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah emerged as winners from over 800 entries in the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) “Thoughtful-Me Creator” Contest held between June and July this year. Inviting commuters to create cartoon characters reinforcing positive commuter behaviours, the contest saw putting down bags and lowering volume garner the most entries.
  3. The two new thoughtful characters were unveiled by Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport, Mrs Josephine Teo, at the prize ceremony held at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. In addition to 13 winners of the “Thoughtful-Me Creator” Contest, 16 prizes were also awarded to winners from the student contest held from June to August this year. The contest saw overwhelming response, with more than 6,500 entries received, a 45% increase over last year’s Graciousness programme student contest.

Graciousness Programme 2014

  1. In line with the theme for this year’s Graciousness Programme, “Bring out the thoughtfulness in you”, the cartoon characters remind commuters to offer their seats to others who need the seats more, to give way to others, and to move in so more people can board. The two new characters introduced today carry the more popular messages reflected in the “Thoughtful-Me Creator” Contest submissions: Bag-Down Benny, who encourages commuters to put down their bags in the trains; and Hush-Hush Hannah, who reminds commuters to speak softly and keep the volume of their music down in public transport.
  2. Said Mrs Josephine Teo: “We know our rides are more pleasant when fellow commuters show kindness and consideration. These little reminders help us to each do our part. It’s fantastic that they came out of a public contest – fun, refreshing and much more community ownership.”
  3. At today’s event, students from South View Primary School presented a skit, sang and danced to convey the key graciousness messages to commuters at Dhoby Ghaut and Chinatown MRT stations. To reach even more commuters, the students will also be performing in more stations. Limited edition collectibles including stress balls, ez-link cards and holders, lanyards, and mobile screen wipers will continue to be distributed during programme activities and contests to keep the graciousness messages alive. Commuters will also see the five thoughtful characters at major public transport areas, including on platform screen doors, concept trains, double-deck buses, in-train windows, as well as posters at MRT stations and bus shelters.
  4. For those who have enjoyed the YouTube videos featuring the singing and dancing Stacey, Glenda and Martin, LTA has launched a new reunion video with all the five thoughtful characters on LTA’s YouTube channel ( In addition, participants in the “Thoughtful-Me” Twitter Contest stand to win the limited edition collectibles and movie tickets. Please refer to LTA’s Facebook Page ( for more details.
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