Factsheet on Completion of New Road Safety Measures at 10 Pilot Primary Schools

News Releases 28 Jan 2015 road safety

To enhance road safety, especially for vulnerable groups such as school children, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has implemented various road safety measures over the years. Some of the following road safety measures have been implemented at 10 pilot primary schools[1] to further improve safety within school zones. This pilot follows a review of the School Zone scheme by the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee, chaired by Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, in November 2013.

“40 km/h When Lights Flash” Sign

This sign consists of a “Children Ahead, School Zone” sign (with fluorescent yellow backing); “40 km/h” speed limit sign; and “When Lights Flash” supplementary information sign, accompanied by a pair of amber LED lights.

This sign is located at the start of a demarcated Enhanced School Zone (ESZ). When in operation during school peak hours, the two amber lights will flash in an alternate fashion. Motorists in the ESZ are required to reduce their speed to 40 km/h. When the lights are not flashing, the speed limit of the road reverts to the original speed limit, but motorists should continue to exercise caution and drive carefully in the school zone.
  40KMH When Lights Flash Sign

“LOOK” Warning Markings

“LOOK” markings are painted at the start of zebra crossings to remind pedestrians to look out for traffic in both directions before crossing the road. This complements complement the kerb drill taught in all primary schools for school children to cross the roads safely.

LOOK Warning Markings

Centre Refuge Island at Zebra Crossings

Centre refuge islands can be implemented at zebra crossings along undivided two-lane roads. This scheme provides a safe two-stage crossing for pedestrians. Besides narrowing lane width and reducing vehicle speeds, the presence of the physical refuge island alerts motorists to slow down when approaching the zebra crossing.

Centre Refuge Island

Centre Dividers

Along undivided roads, centre dividers provide physical separation from traffic where needed. The effect of narrowing lane width also aids traffic calming.

Centre Divider

Chevron Markings

Where it is more suitable to provide visual cues rather than physical structures, LTA will use chevron markings to visually narrow the lane width and achieve a traffic calming effect.

Chevron Markings

Road Humps

Road humps are effective in slowing down traffic to achieve a traffic calming effect. Road humps can be implemented along minor arterial roads to manage vehicle speed and enhance safety.

Road Hump


[1] These are CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl’s School, Canberra Primary School, Nan Hua Primary School, North Spring Primary School, Ngee Ann Primary School, Townsville Primary School, St. Margaret’s Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, Shuqun Primary School and Ang Mo Kio Primary School.


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