Any form of illegal parking poses a threat

Media Replies 07 Jan 2015

The recent ST editorial, “Tackling illegal parking holistically” (Straits Times, 29 Dec 2014), suggests that not all illegal parking offences should be subjected to a tiered system of penalties, as some offences are less severe than others.

Illegal parking, in whichever form, poses a threat to the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. We have received much feedback from members of the public on the dangers caused by illegal parking. A common theme amongst the feedback received is that illegal parking – including illegal parking for convenience’s sake, such as near drop-off points and eateries – impedes traffic flow and could result in accidents. Bus commuters and other motorists are also affected when their journeys are impeded by indiscriminate parking or stopping along the road.

Since 2011, the LTA has issued more than 300,000 parking summons every year, half of which are committed by repeat offenders. The LTA has been working actively with stakeholders and communities to find locality-based solutions to address parking issues wherever possible. The LTA has also taken on board various useful suggestions, such as providing information on the availability of parking lots through the Parking Guidance System and MyTransport.Sg. However, it would be irresponsible to risk the safety and convenience of the majority of rules-abiding road users and pedestrians, for the convenience of motorists who commit illegal parking offences repeatedly. It is for this reason that we are introducing a tiered penalty system to serve as a stronger deterrence. This is also the first adjustment to illegal parking fines in two decades.

We would like to remind and encourage all motorists to show consideration to other road users and observe the parking rules. 

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority

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