Factsheet: Creating Better Public Transport Journeys for a People-Centred Transport System

News Releases 23 Oct 2015 MRT trains themed train public transport

    Commuters on the North-South and East-West train lines, look out for The Purple Parade-themed train coming your way starting today!

2.  As part of The Purple Parade – a ground-up movement to support inclusion and celebrate the abilities of people with special needs – the Land Transport Authority (LTA), in collaboration with Central Singapore Community Development Council (CS CDC) and SMRT, has decked out an entire six-car train with The Purple Parade theme to create awareness for this cause, which will take place on 31 October 2015 at Hong Lim Park from 3pm to 7pm.

3.  Creating such themed trains to support social causes such as The Purple Parade, is one of the initiatives LTA has embarked on to create a people-centred land transport network which commuters can enjoy. Said LTA’s Chief Executive Mr Chew Men Leong: “Public transport plays a significant role in people’s everyday routines, getting them to and from home, work and other destinations. LTA seeks to transform our public transport network into a shared social space where commuters can feel a greater sense of ownership, and play their part in fostering a positive commuter culture. In time, we hope to have a public transport system which is accessible, reliable and an attractive choice for Singaporeans.”

4.  Besides adding a fun element to commuters’ train rides, the decorative purple features are designed to incorporate social ‘nudges’ aimed to encourage gracious behaviour among commuters. For example, footprint decals and the purple Astroturf in the middle of the train cabin encourage commuters to move in. Commuters can catch this special train from today until mid-November.

Artist’s impression of The Purple Parade-themed train cabins

5.  LTA introduced the concept of themed train cabins as part of series of social initiatives in June last year to foster positive commuter culture and improve transport experiences. Since then, LTA has collaborated with external agencies to implement themed train cabins to create awareness for their causes while encouraging positive commuter culture. For example, in celebration of World Water Day, LTA worked with PUB and SBS Transit to design a themed cabin that featured water conservation messages while encouraging commuters to move into the centre of the cabin.

LTA kicked off our social initiatives with a football-themed train cabin in June 2014, in conjunction with the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

A cabin in SBST’s NEL train featured water conservation messages that also ‘nudged’ commuters to the centre of the train.

Public Transport Network as a Shared Social Space

6.  To add vibrancy to MRT stations and provide an additional platform for local performers to showcase their talent, buskers are also allowed to perform at 15 stations as part of LTA’s busking initiative, in partnership with the National Arts Council.

A busker playing the violin at Raffles Place
MRT station.

The Unemployed singing and playing the guitar at Bugis Station


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