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News Releases 22 Oct 2015 Journey Planner collaboration mobile application

LTA calls for collaboration to create a comprehensive transport journey planner

Imagine a mobile application (app) that tells you the best sheltered route home when it rains, the smoothest route to take if you take the train with your foldable bicycle, or the easiest route to travel if you are pushing a pram.

2 These are some innovative features that could potentially be part of a journey planner app that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) wants to develop in partnership with third party app developers.

3 Said Mr Chew Men Leong, LTA Chief Executive, “To help meet the changing needs of our commuters, we hope to empower them with more information that guides them from their homes to their destinations. We are looking to partner with a third party app developer to create an app that can better address the first and last leg of their commute. This app should inform commuters the most efficient and pleasant route to take. It can be a combination of walking comfortably along the sheltered walkway to take the bus, or cycling to the station to hop on the train.”

4 The proposed app is envisioned to allow commuters to plan the best routes to their destinations by drawing on all available multi-modal options, from buses, trains, and even to walking and cycling.

5 To this end, LTA will issue a Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) to invite industry players to submit proposals on the development of a multi-modal journey planner mobile app.

6 The appointed app developer will partner LTA to jointly create and market this journey planner. The proposed journey planner should also enable commuters to do pre-trip and on-trip planning, set their commuting preferences1, and get information on the duration as well as fares of trips. Most importantly, the route options should be determined using multiple modes of transport, including walking and cycling.

7 Interested parties should submit information on their multi-modal journey planner to by 30 November 2015. The CFC exercise is expected to conclude in the first quarter of 2016.

8 For more information, please refer to


1 Users should be able to set preferences for journey planning, such as the fastest routes, least transfers, least walking, and lowest cost.

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