Ridership projection for Hume station under review

Media Replies 18 Dec 2015

We refer to Mr Paul Pang Kim Phong’s letter “Why leave Hume station closed?” and Mr Varun Naidu’s letter "Adequate demand to open Hume train station” (ST, 8 and 9 December).

When constructing new rail lines, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) works closely with land use agencies to make provisions for future developments.  The Hume station box is one such instance.  To convert these basic structural provisions into a fully functioning station and then to operate it will incur significant costs.  Thus, there is a need to ensure that there is adequate ridership to justify the outlay.  LTA is reviewing the ridership projections in view of several nature and heritage attractions in the area, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s plans for the Rail Corridor. The Hume station box will be converted into a full station if it is determined that there will be sufficient ridership. 

Even though there is currently no MRT station, LTA ensures that residents in the Hume area are adequately served by bus services. Services 67, 75, 170, 171, 173, 178, 184 and 961 give residents direct access to Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Clementi, Jurong East and Orchard Road. Starting from 27 December, residents will also enjoy direct bus connections to nearby DTL MRT stations such as Hillview and Beauty World. For example, Service 173 in the direction towards Clementi will be amended for a more direct connection from the Hume area to Beauty World station for the Jalan Anak Bukit to Upper Bukit Timah Road sector.  Residents can also take City Direct Service 653, introduced last year under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme, to commute directly to and from the Central Business District during the morning and evening peak hours.

We thank Mr Pang and Mr Naidu for the opportunity to explain.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority


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