Enhanced Real-Time Bus Information at Your Fingertips

News Releases 15 Apr 2015 mytransport.sg bus arrival information mobile application

Starting today, commuters can enjoy enhanced Bus Arrival Time features on the MyTransport.SG smartphone application (app), which provide better real-time information to improve commuters’ travelling experience.

Improvements to the Bus Arrival Time feature

2. With the enhancements, the new app will now show:

  1. Enhanced real-time bus arrival information. Over the past year, LTA had been working with SBS Transit and SMRT to install and test a new centralised system that determines real-time bus locations, thereby providing potentially more accurate bus arrival information1 for more than 4,700 public buses over 360 routes; and
  2. Bus loading information of selected bus services. Commuters will now see colour-coded space availability information to help them decide whether to board the arriving bus, or wait for the following bus. Green indicates “seats available”, yellow indicates “standing available” and red indicates “limited standing”.

3. The enhanced real-time bus arrival information is also made available to third-party app developers.  Thus far, at least six apps2 have incorporated the enhanced information.

Continuous improvement to the app

4. We welcome feedback from the public through the following channels:

5. LTA welcomes suggestions to improve the app to better meet commuters’ needs. LTA’s efforts to improve the accuracy of transport information, and obtain more transport data, is in line with the Smart Nation push to share more data with the public and help commuters better plan their journeys. 

6. Please refer to the Annex for more information on LTA’s MyTransport.SG and the enhanced Bus Arrival Time feature.

1 Based on initial testing, the system has achieved an overall accuracy of 80% within a window of up to three minutes for bus arrival estimations, which is similar to the accuracy achieved by SMRT’s and SBS Transit’s current fleet management systems. We expect the accuracy to improve as LTA fine-tunes the system, although bus arrival timings are still subject to traffic conditions, GPS signal strengths, traffic incidents and unanticipated demand conditions that can affect bus operations.
2 These apps include SBST IRIS, SMRTConnect, SG NextBus, SG Buses, bus@sg and Next Bus@SG.

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