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News Releases 19 Apr 2015 Transport & You(th) Hackathon DataMall

- App developers can tap on more real-time data to create transport solutions
- 501 wins highest accolade at Transport & You(th) Hackathon

2. Do you have an idea for the next big transport app? You can now tap on more real-time public transport data to create transport solutions that will improve the lives of commuters. 

2. More than 180 youths registered for the Transport & You(th) Hackathon organised by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to compete for the highest honour and the opportunity to intern at LTA, EZLink Pte Ltd, and NCS Ltd. Held from 16 to 19 April at the Devan Nair Institute, teams of coding enthusiasts pulled out all stops to design transport apps that would enhance public transport experience for commuters, improve public transport experience for those with special needs and encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport, such as walking and cycling.

3. As part of the event, LTA launched additional datasets[1] on LTA’s DataMall portal, two of which are real-time public transport datasets. Members of the public can design apps by tapping on a suite of real-time transport information available on the DataMall. The portal currently supports more than 40 transport related apps[2] in the market. The sharing of LTA’s data is part of the Smart Nation initiative to encourage co-creation between the Singapore government and citizens.

4. Besides gaining access to rich land transport data, participants also had the privilege of learning under the guidance of some of the most prominent and experienced tech gurus in Singapore. Some of these industry experts include professional from Microsoft, Ogilvy, and NCS, as well as entrepreneurs from Tech Startups. This will help to shape their projects from conceptualisation to implementation.

5. Said the LTA Chief Executive, Mr Chew Men Leong, “The hackathon provides an excellent opportunity for young tech enthusiasts to come together for a few days of fun and competition, to meet new people, and to learn more about the LTA’s DataMall@MyTransport.SG, which is a valuable data point for budding app developers. This event attracted companies who are eager to engage these young talents and share their experience in developing a successful app. We also invited user ambassadors with special needs to share the challenges they face on the move, as we want the participants to have a deeper understanding of how to create a more liveable and inclusive environment through technology. We are confident that some of these apps designed by the youths will improve our commuters’ experience and may even become one of the ‘must-have apps’ that everyone needs.”

6. Please refer to the ANNEX for more information on the Transport & You(th) Hackathon and its winners.

[1] Two of the datasets are real-time data on bus arrival timings and space availability, as well as taxi availability data. The others are static geographical information system datasets such as covered linkways and footpaths.
[2] Some examples include SG NextBus, SG Buses, Next Bus@SG, SG Traffic Cam, TrafficCam SG, Traffic@SG, and Carpark@SG

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