Smoother, Unobstructed Traffic at Locations with CCTVs

News Releases 08 Apr 2015 illegal parking No Waiting CCTV system

CCTVs to be installed at 60 more locations

2. With the implementation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at 30 locations beginning from April last year, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has observed improved traffic flow and fewer cases of obstruction on the roads at these locations. 

2. Some locations that have seen improvements include Beach Road, Bishan, Pasir Panjang Road and River Valley Road. As most locations where CCTVs have been installed are also plied by many public bus services, bus commuters travelling on these routes have also benefited from the improved traffic conditions. 

3. Building on the positive results, LTA will expand the coverage of CCTVs. From 15 April 2015, CCTV cameras will operate at 40 more locations.  LTA will also call a tender to install and operate CCTVs at 60 additional locations. When completed in mid-2017, CCTVs will be used to enforce against illegal parking at a total of 130 locations island-wide.

4. By deterring illegal parking, CCTV cameras also help to improve road safety. Inconsiderate illegal parking may obstruct and prevent pedestrians, particularly young children, elderly and users of mobility aids, from crossing the road safely. Illegally parked vehicles may also limit the vision of other motorists by blocking their view of pedestrians who are crossing the road. Illegal parking at bus stops also compromises the safety of commuters as it prevents public buses from picking up and alighting passengers in a safe manner.

5. Please refer to Annex A for a list of the new CCTV camera locations and Annex B for photographs of traffic conditions before and after the installation of CCTV cameras.

Identifying a CCTV monitoring zone

6. LTA has painted lamp posts or sign posts within CCTV monitoring zones with a bright orange vertical strip. LTA has also installed “No Waiting” signs at passenger pick-up points with CCTV cameras, such as near Bishan and Clementi MRT stations, to remind motorists that they are not allowed to wait at these pick-up locations.

7. Please refer to Annex C on how to identify a CCTV zone and Annex D for photographs of the new “No Waiting” sign.

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