Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) & TransitLink

News Releases 28 May 2015 Off-Peak Pass (OPP) off-peak travel

Off-Peak Pass Available for Purchase from 28 June

SINGAPORE, 28 MAY, 2015 – The new Off-Peak Pass (OPP) for public transport will be available for purchase from 28 June 2015. Frequent commuters who are willing and able to travel during off peak periods can purchase the pass at a discounted rate and reduce their monthly travel expenditure.

How to buy the OPP

2       The OPP can be purchased at all TransitLink Ticket Offices, Concession Card Replacement Offices, Add Value Machines, Passenger Service Centres and General Ticketing Machines. Commuters using the OPP can enjoy unlimited off-peak travel on all rail services and basic bus services[1] if they start their travel anytime outside the weekday peak periods of 6.30am to 9am, and 5pm to 7.30pm. The prices of the OPP for different categories of concession card holders are provided in the table below.

Concession Cards

OPP Prices

Adult Monthly Travel Card [2]


Senior Citizen Concession Card


Persons with Disabilities Concession Card

3      Commuters who wish to purchase the OPP must possess one of the following concession cards:

a. Adult Monthly Travel Card;
b. Persons with Disabilities Concession Card;
c. Senior Citizen Concession Card.

4      Commuters who do not have the concession cards can apply for one[3], online at TransitLink’s website ( or the TransitLink Mobile Services app (available on Android and iOS), or in person at TransitLink Ticket Offices and Concession Card Replacement Offices. Commuters who do not have an Adult Monthly Travel Card have the added option of applying for one together with the OPP already pre-encoded, from 1 June 2015. To receive the concession cards before 5 July 2015, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications via our online or mobile e-service channels before 19 June 2015[4].

How to use the OPP

5      The OPP covers all commuter journeys that start during the off-peak period. Subsequent transfer trips, including those that fall within the peak period, will also be covered by the OPP, i.e. commuters will not have to pay additional fares.

6      Journeys that start during the peak period will not be covered by the OPP i.e. the fares will be deducted from the stored value of the commuters’ concession cards. Commuters however, can benefit from the OPP if subsequent transfer trips from this journey start during the off-peak period, as the trips will be covered by the OPP. Please refer to Annex A for scenarios where the OPP can be used.

7      For more information or feedback on the OPP, the public can call the TransitLink Hotline at 1800-2255 663, log on to Transitlink’s website ( or visit us on Facebook at

[1] Basic bus services include trunk and feeder services as well as the Peak Period Short Services which overlay feeder bus services. Express, Fast Forward, Nite Owl, Night Rider, CityShopper, Chinatown Direct, Stadium Direct and City Direct bus services are excluded.

[2] Workfare Transport Concession Scheme (WTCS) Concession Card holders can purchase the OPP at $80. The OPP will be encoded onto their WTCS concession card at the point of purchase.

[3] Eligibility requirements and application details for PWD and SC concession cards are available at

[4] Applications for the AMTC with the OPP, submitted through TOs and CCROs will take up to four weeks to be processed while applications via our online and mobile e-service channels will take up to two weeks.

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