Setting rules, norms on use of walkways

Media Replies 16 May 2015

WE THANK Mr Cheang Peng Wah for his feedback ("Take firmer action against two-wheeled renegades"; Forum Online, May 7).

Police officers will take enforcement action against errant cyclists and users of other personal mobility devices (PMDs) found using their devices in a dangerous manner.

The police will assess the facts and circumstances of each case and take appropriate action. Cyclists and PMD users are reminded to ride in a responsible manner, with due care and consideration for others.

The police have arrested a 39-year-old man in relation to the accident involving Ms Eileen Lee Li Xuan's mother and a motorised bicycle ("Review, enforce rules on motorised bicycles"; Forum Online, April 24). Investigations are ongoing.

The trial that Mr Cheang referred to is part of the police's efforts to test alternative modes of patrols in addition to the existing foot, bicycle and vehicle-based patrols conducted by front-line officers.

The police will pilot the use of motorised transporters such as the unicycle in parks, park connectors and cycling paths in Sengkang and Jurong East. The intent of this trial is to see if the police can respond faster to incidents in parks, and to encourage greater interaction between the public and the police officers, as these unicycles are small but mobile platforms that are easily portable.

Police officers are trained to use these devices safely, and have also obtained permission from the relevant authorities, namely the National Parks Board and JTC Corporation, to use these mobility devices within these areas.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be developing a clear and consistent set of rules and norms on the use of bicycles and PMDs, with the aim of instilling safe and responsible conduct among all users.

It will coordinate the education efforts and enforcement of cycling rules and norms across the relevant government agencies. Given the wide differences in views on what these rules should be, LTA will consult all stakeholders in the coming months, to try to strike an appropriate balance between the different needs and views.

Ho Yenn Dar (Superintendent)
Assistant Director (Public Communications Division)
Public Affairs Department
Singapore Police Force

Helen Lim (Ms)
Media Relations
Land Transport Authority

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