More Measures for Better, More Comfortable Bus Rides

News Releases 24 Jun 2015 bus lanes Mandatory Give Way to Buses Scheme (MGWBS)

     Under the ongoing Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) where additional buses are added to existing popular services and new bus services introduced, commuters have been experiencing better and more comfortable journeys. A series of complementary bus priority schemes have also been implemented over the years, including bus lane and Mandatory Give-Way to Buses Schemes for buses, so that bus commuters can enjoy smoother rides.

2.   To further improve the reliability of bus services, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be carrying out a trial to assess the effectiveness of CCTVs in monitoring crowd levels at bus stops, and working with the public transport operators to make adjustments to bus schedules when needed.

Bus Priority Measures

3.   Under the bus lane scheme, buses enter and exit stops more smoothly. Full day bus lanes were implemented in 2005 to further improve bus speeds. Since 2008, selected buses were fitted with on-board bus video cameras (CCTVs) to record bus lane infringements to complement the warden scheme so that bus lanes remain clear during operating hours.

4.   To ensure that the bus lane scheme remains effective in improving the overall reliability of buses, LTA had expanded the use of CCTVs for bus lane enforcement since June last year. To date, about 4,000 existing buses have been equipped with CCTVs. More buses will be progressively added to the programme.

5.   We have seen an improvement in motorists’ compliance with the bus lane scheme since the introduction of these CCTVs in 2008. The number of motorists caught by on-board bus CCTVs driving in bus lanes during restricted hours has been reduced from 2,112 in 2008 to 866 in 2014. As of May this year, there are 228 cases, a decrease of more than 50%, compared to the same period last year.

6.   To further remind motorists of the on-board bus CCTVs, LTA will be rolling out a series of banners and bus advertisements as a visual reminder to all motorists.

Bus Lane Banners


Bus Lane Advertisements on Buses

7.   Another bus priority measure is the Mandatory Give Way to Buses Scheme (MGWTB). Progressively implemented at 330 bus stops since 2008, LTA has been stepping up enforcement of this scheme. As of May 2015, there have been 2,336 cases of violation of MGWTB, compared to 1,764 cases in 2014.

8.   The composition amount for motorists who drive on bus lanes during restricted hours or do not give way to buses exiting from bus bays is $130. If the offence is not compounded, the case may be escalated to the courts and motorists may be fined up to $1,000 or serve a jail term of three months for the first offence.

CCTVs on trial at bus stops

9.   A year-long trial will be conducted on the effectiveness of video analytics in the monitoring and detection of crowdedness at bus stops. Besides allowing real-time assessments on crowd levels and monitoring bus services at bus stops, the system will allow LTA to work with public transport operators to make timely intervention such as adjusting bus schedules, replacing single deck buses with double deck/bendy buses and/or injecting half-way trips to help ease crowding on buses and ensure that commuters waiting along the route are able to board the buses.

10.  Five popular bus stops with high commuter traffic have been chosen for the trial. The bus stops are:


Bus Stop Description

Road Name

Bus Stop Code


Thong Teck Building

Scotts Road



Blk 270

Bukit Panjang Road



Ang Mo Kio Station

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3



Opposite Khatib Station

Yishun Avenue 2



Clementi Station
(Opposite Clementi Mall)

Commonwealth Avenue West


11.  Installation of the cameras is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year. The trial will progressively begin in December at the bus stop in front of Thong Teck Building.

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