Consultants on Board to Assess Power System of North-South and East-West Lines; Work to Commence Immediately

News Releases 14 Jul 2015 train breakdown North South East West Line (NSEWL) service disruptions

1. A team comprising five experts from Sweden’s Parsons Brinkerhoff and Japan’s Meidensha Corporation is now on board to conduct an independent assessment of the overall condition of the power supply infrastructure and other railway trackside installations along the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL).

2. The team of experts, led by Mr Mats Onner from Parsons and Mr Hiroto Ikeda from Meidensha, will focus on identifying the root cause of the power trip and proposing areas for improvement to prevent recurrence. They will also review the current condition of the power supply and trackside installations, as well as provide recommendations to enhance the overall system and its maintenance.

3. Following a briefing by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on the 7 July 2015 train service disruption, the team will be given full access to the infrastructure and installations along the NSEWL during non-service hours. The team of experts, closely assisted by engineers from LTA and SMRT, will also be analysing the data collated by LTA and SMRT engineers1 since the incident.

4. Parsons and Meidensha were selected for their wealth of experience in railway engineering and power supply system.

5. Parsons Brinkerhoff is an established design and engineering company with extensive experience in rail transit system, ranging from feasibility studies, project management to providing advice on operations and maintenance. Parsons is no stranger to Singapore’s rail lines, having undertaken the role of consultant for mechanical services on the NSEWL, as well as the electrical and mechanical services on the North East Line, Circle Line and Downtown Line.

6. The team from Parsons will be complemented by a traction power expert from Meidensha, a Tokyo-based company with extensive experience in power supply. Having designed and installed the power supply system on the NSEWL, Meidensha brings with it an intimate understanding of the running of this system. The company is also the contractor providing the power supply system for the northern stretch of the Thomson-East Coast Line.

7. The independent assessment is expected to be completed in August.

[1] Over the past week, LTA and SMRT engineers have conducted a few rounds of systematic checks on all components of the NSEWL system, such as trains, tracks and power systems, including the substation power supply equipment.

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