LTA Media Statement: NSEWL Service Disruption

News Releases 07 Jul 2015 train breakdown Media Statement train service disruptions

Full train service resumed at 10.35pm at reduced speeds.

Preliminary investigations found a faulty train which could have caused the power to trip; arcing was observed on the underside of this train. The power surge caused the protective relays across the entire North South East West Lines network to be activated, leading to a shut-down of power across the two lines.   We will continue to comb through the system through the night to see if there could be other faulty trains or other causes.

All passengers who were on board trains during the disruption were safely detrained at station platforms. All available bus assets were activated across the whole island to provide free bus service for affected commuters, with the police helping with crowd control. Aside from the free bus services, commuters also used the North East Line, Circle Line and Downtown Line, which were unaffected, to continue their journey on the other rail lines.

LTA engineers will be working through the night with SMRT to recover train services and ensure that services run properly tomorrow.  LTA will conduct a full investigation into this incident.

LTA’s Crisis Management Team, led by Chief Executive, Mr Chew Men Leong, was at the Land Transport Operations Centre to lead the recovery efforts. The operations team also liaised with the PTOs to augment bus services serving the affected areas, and deployed officers on the ground to facilitate the bus operations.  LTA engineers were also at the incident site to assist SMRT’s recovery efforts. 

We apologise to all commuters who were affected by this disruption. 

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