LTA Media Statement: NSEWL Service Update

News Releases 09 Jul 2015 Media Statement North South East West Line (NSEWL)

Service update for North-South and East-West Lines

Train services on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL) continue to operate on schedule at normal headways on 9 July.

LTA and SMRT engineers have conducted a second round of system checks last night, including visual checks on all trains. Insulation testing between the cables and third rail, to ensure that the test components of the power supply equipment are in good working order, was also carried out. In addition, data loggers monitoring the running rail voltage have also been installed at specific points on the lines, which experienced power trips.

Despite carrying out a comprehensive second round of checks, we have yet to definitively identify the root cause of the disruption. An independent consultant, who specialises in transit power systems, will be engaged to look into the overall conditional assessment of the entire power supply infrastructure and other railway trackside installations. The assessment may start as soon as this month once the experts are onboard. In the meantime, LTA and SMRT will continue checks on the system.

Commuters are advised to check for travel updates before starting their trip. Information will be available on the SMRT website, LTA and SMRT Facebook and Twitter accounts, LTA Traffic News and MyTransport.SG. In case of a service disruption, commuters can continue their journey on the free bus services or use the unaffected rail lines. 

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