Factsheet: Making Public Transport Journeys Easier for Seniors

News Releases 20 Aug 2015 Factsheet active mobility

LTA consulting seniors on features to make our public transport system more senior friendly

2 The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is seeking feedback on a series of proposed senior-friendly enhancements to the public transport system. These enhancements include redesigning the directional signs at MRT and bus interchanges, and installing passenger information displays on buses, to help seniors find their way more easily.

2 To test the effectiveness of these enhancements, about 30 seniors were invited to a focus group discussion session with Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport, Mrs Josephine Teo. These seniors got the chance to test out the proposed enhancements and gave their views on how they can be improved further to meet their needs.

Understanding Seniors’ Needs

3 Since last June, more than 1,300 participants – mostly seniors – participated in 47 focus group discussions organised by the Ministerial Committee for Ageing. These dialogues spanned many different topics, ranging from healthcare to housing and employment. On transport, while most seniors find it relatively convenient to use our public transport system, they noted that there were four aspects that can be improved to enhance senior’s public transport journeys. These areas include improving safety, creating better accessibility, greater comfort and making way-finding more intuitive. To get a better understanding of their mobility needs and challenges, LTA officers also accompanied some of the participants on their daily public transport journeys as part of the public consultation. 

Validating Proposed Improvements  

4 For this public consultation session, LTA focussed on ‘making way-finding more intuitive’ as seniors had shared that they felt disoriented finding their way within and between transport hubs such as train stations and bus interchanges. Some were also worried that they may miss their bus or train stop during their journey.

5 To make wayfinding easier for seniors, LTA is looking into redesigning and installing additional signs and information systems in buses, trains and integrated transport hubs. For instance, LTA will increase the font size of signs and introduce new colour-based directional signs at transport hubs. On buses, audio announcements will also complement bus route information displays so that seniors can more easily identify the stop they need to alight at.

About the Ministerial Committee on Ageing (MCA)

6 The Government is developing an Action Plan for Successful Ageing. It will be driven by the Ministerial Committee on Ageing (MCA), which oversees ageing issues in Singapore, together with various Government agencies, community partners and the private sector.

7 MCA has been engaging Singaporeans of all ages to develop this plan, to jointly chart strategies and initiatives to support and help our seniors’ age successfully. The Action Plan aims to enable our current seniors to age gracefully in Singapore, and prepare future seniors for gainful and meaningful ageing. To help realise these aspirations, the Action Plan will look at areas including: lifelong learning, lifelong employability, social inclusion and volunteerism, urban infrastructure (transport, housing and public spaces), health and wellness, aged care, retirement adequacy and research into ageing.

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