Factsheet: Shorter Waits with 24 New Circle Line Trains by Mid-2016

News Releases 03 Aug 2015 Factsheet Circle Line (CCL)

1. Seven of 24 new trains have been progressively deployed for service on the Circle Line (CCL) from 24 June 2015.

2. Another three to five new trains will be put into service by the end of this year, which is on track for all 24 new trains to be put into service by the middle of 2016. This will increase the capacity of the CCL by 60%1.

3. With the additional trains, commuters taking the CCL will enjoy shorter waits and less crowded rides. Average peak-hour headways will improve from 3.5 minutes to about 2.7 minutes. During off-peak periods, commuters can expect to wait no more than 5 minutes2 for trains on the CCL, an improvement from up to 7 minutes wait today.

4.  LTA and SMRT have conducted extensive and rigorous tests to ensure the new trains are tested to the fullest. These include performance tests for traction and braking, safety-related tests for fire / smoke detection and detrainment doors, as well as interface tests with communication and signaling systems to ensure that trains can run smoothly in a driverless environment. After the tests are completed, the new trains are first put into service during off-peak hours before being progressively introduced for peak-hour service.  

Features of the New CCL Trains

5. The new trains come with more commuter-centric features such as additional straphangers in the trains and gap fillers to reduce the gap between the platform and the trains. Commuters can also refer to the Dynamic Route Map Display located at the top of each door for their current location, route information and the side the train doors will open at the next station. Commuters can identify the new CCL trains by the stickers pasted in the cabins.

6. These trains are part of LTA’s continuous efforts to add more capacity to the system so that commuters can enjoy a better travel experience. LTA will continue to monitor the ridership along the various rail lines and work with the operators to augment the capacity and meet the long-term projected demand. 

1 An increase from 40 trains in the CCL fleet prior to 24 June 2015.
2 Except when trains have to be withdrawn to or launched from depots in the early morning / late nights or for maintenance activities.

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