Efforts to reduce MRT construction noise

Media Replies 05 Sep 2015

We thank Ms Tan Sock Hua for her letter (“Silence noisy MRT construction sites”, 29 August 2015).

We apologise for the inconvenience and discomfort caused by the construction of the Thomson-East Coast Line’s (TEL) Havelock Station. We are doing everything we can to mitigate the noise levels. Noise barriers are being installed and should be ready by the first quarter of next year. However, as the construction site has significant space constraints, we are unable to cover the perimeter of the site completely, unlike what was done for the TEL Orchard station. Within the site, localised portable noise barriers and noise dampening materials have been installed to further reduce the noise from construction machines.

LTA has worked with the contractors to adopt construction methods that minimise construction noise. Where possible, the noisier works are executed in the daytime instead of at night. Noise levels are monitored regularly through sensors installed at various locations. 

We seek Ms Tan’s patience to bear with us during this period of MRT construction. We will try our best to complete the noisier works as soon as we can. Your support is important to us as we try to deliver the benefits of the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line as quickly as we can.

Henry Foo
Director, Thomson-East Coast Line (Civil Team 3)
Land Transport Authority


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