Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) & SBS Transit - Two-Car Operations for Sengkang LRT to Commence on 5 January 2016

News Releases 05 Jan 2016 LRT system 2-car system

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SBS Transit (SBST) have completed the upgrading of the Sengkang loop of the Sengkang-Punggol LRT (SPLRT) system to allow two-car operations. These eight two-car trains will have their capacity doubled to 204 passengers each. This will increase the overall capacity of the system and provide a higher level of service for commuters.

2.  Two-car trains will be deployed for service during peak hours from 5 January 2016. Service frequency will be maintained at three to four minutes during morning and evening peak hours. The two-car system was successfully tested during off-peak hours from 21 December 2015. SBST staff will also be on board the two-car trains in the next few weeks to attend to any technical problems promptly.

Punggol LRT System Upgrading Works

3.  As previously announced, LTA had prioritised the busier Sengkang loop for the upgrade. The upgrade of the Punggol loop to allow for two-car trains will be completed by the first quarter of 2017.

Additional New Train-Cars

4.  Since 2013, the LTA and SBST have been working to enhance the SPLRT system. Besides upgrading the existing train-cars and the signalling system, another 16 new train-cars will be added to the fleet of 41 train-cars for the SPLRT, boosting the overall capacity of the fleet by 40 per cent.

Annex A: System Map of Sengkang LRT

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