Factsheet: LTA Steps Up Enforcement to Deter Reckless Use of Bicycles and Personal Mobility Devices

News Releases 05 Oct 2016 Factsheet Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) enforcement

Since May this year, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has carried out more than 400 enforcement deployments across Singapore, with emphasis on HDB towns and industrial estates. More than 700 advisories have been issued to cyclists and personal mobility device users caught riding in an unsafe manner. Instances of reckless behaviour include riding power-assisted bicycles (PABs) on footpaths, cycling at night without bike lights which poses a danger to other users, and failing to give way to pedestrians.

2                    Enforcement officers are usually deployed at hotspots where there is high interaction between cyclists, personal mobility device users and pedestrians, such as at bus-stops and traffic junctions, and also in response to public feedback on locations and timings where there is a higher occurrence of cyclists and personal mobility device users behaving in a reckless manner.

3                    LTA’s team of enforcement officers has been educating cyclists and personal mobility device users on the rules and code of conduct recommended by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP) and accepted by the Government earlier this year. For example, cyclists and personal mobility device users must stay within the speed limits of 15km/h when riding on footpaths, and 25km/h on cycling paths. Enforcement officers will also distribute educational materials to educate cyclists and personal mobility users to these rules and other safe riding tips. Please refer to Annex A for examples of the enforcement operations.

4                    Cyclists and personal mobility device users found riding recklessly can be prosecuted in Court under the Penal Code if they cause hurt to others. Offenders are liable, upon conviction, to a fine of up to $5,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

5                    To complement the ongoing enforcement efforts, LTA is working closely with various retailers to bring in personal mobility devices and power-assisted bicycles that comply with the stipulated criteria for devices to be used on public roads. Many retailers have already taken the initiative to advise their customers on safe riding behaviour. Please refer to Annex B for a copy of the educational brochure distributed to retailers, and Annex C for a list of some of these retailers engaged.

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