Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) & SBS Transit - LTA and SBS Transit to Enhance Platform Screen Door Design at All Downtown Line Stations

News Releases 18 Oct 2016 Downtown Line (DTL)

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SBS Transit (SBST) have completed investigations on the faulty platform screen door at the Downtown Line (DTL) Sixth Avenue Station on 4 Oct 2016.

Investigation findings

2.  Investigations found that the bolt on the fastener (see Annex A), which secures the affected platform screen door to the guide rail, had loosened over time, causing the door to be misaligned and coming into contact with the side of an approaching train. No commuters were hurt in this incident.

3.  The platform screen doors at Sixth Avenue station were last checked by SBST in August 2016 as part of its routine maintenance, and none were found to be faulty. However, following the incident, all DTL platform screen doors, including bolts and securing mechanisms went through further extensive inspections. All the platform screen doors were found to be functioning normally. Platform screen doors on the other rail lines were also inspected, and found to be secure and in good working condition.

Measures to enhance design of DTL Platform Screen Doors

4.  LTA and SBST have also approached the original equipment manufacturers of the DTL doors to enhance the design of the platform screen door fasteners. A self-locking nut and a retaining pin will be added as an additional measure to better secure the fastener to the guiding rail. The enhancement works to the doors are expected to be completed in the next two weeks. All platform screen doors for the upcoming DTL3 will also use this enhanced fastener design. Going forward, more specific checks on all DTL platform screen doors will be done as part of routine maintenance.

5.  The platform screen door design on the other existing rail lines will be retained as they are of a different design from the doors on DTL, and have been operating well for some years without any report of loosened mechanical parts.

Annex A: Diagram of Enhanced Fastener Design

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