Pedestrians are encouraged to use existing crossings

Media Replies 27 Oct 2016 pedestrian crossing road safety

We refer to Mr David Kwok’s letter “MRT construction creates danger for pedestrians” (ST Online, 14 Oct).

Road safety for all road users, especially pedestrians, is our key priority even as we work to deliver our MRT lines. When planning a work site, we will review different options to ensure that our works can be carried out without affecting the safety of other road users.

As part of the current stage of traffic diversion, LTA relocated the bus stop along South Bridge Road outside Maxwell Food Centre. For the safety of the pedestrians, we have put up concrete barriers to deter jaywalking and to channel pedestrians to the signalised crossings near the bus stops. At the same time, we have displayed advisory notices at the bus stop to remind pedestrians to use the signalised crossings, and also kept the existing zebra crossing at the exit of the Banda Street/ Sago Lane (off street) car park to facilitate pedestrian movement. In addition, we have advised the tour coaches to park within the available coach parking lots in the car parks nearby, so as not to unduly obstruct traffic movements. We will deploy traffic marshals in this area during the peak hours to further manage pedestrian movement.

The taxi stand next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is needed to enable taxis to pick up their passengers safely. If the taxi stand is removed, commuters may have to flag the taxis along South Bridge Road which will impede traffic flow along the main thoroughfare.

We thank Mr Kwok for his suggestions. LTA will  continue to monitor the area closely and work with our contractor to improve the situation where necessary.


Shaik Sha Marican Bin Ahmed Kassim
Director, Thomson-East Coast Line (Civil Team 4)
Land Transport Authority 

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