Factsheet: Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) Trial to Offer Real-time Travel Information to Commuters on Buses

News Releases 08 Dec 2016 real time information Factsheet Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

For commuters to better plan and coordinate their journeys and travel options, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will carry out a two month-long trial for the Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) starting from 08 December 2016. The trial kicks off on one MAN A22 bus deployed on Service 106. Service 106 is operated by Tower Transit Singapore, the operator of the Bulim bus package.

Background of the PIDS

2    The PIDS taps on information from the Central Fleet Management System (CFMS)[1] developed by ST Electronics (Info-Comms Systems)[2], and Trapeze Switzerland GMBH Consortium[3]. Onboard some buses currently, the CFMS has been providing travel information to commuters via the LED dot matrix panel. With this PIDS trial, LTA is working towards optimising the CFMS, and providing more real-time travel information through an additional LCD display panel on board buses (pictures below).

3    Two concept buses with various features, including the PIDS were first showcased at the inaugural Bus Carnival organised by LTA in March this year.  A total of 22,000 responses were garnered on the different features commuters would like to see in public buses in the future. Other notable suggestions from respondents include USB charging ports. LTA will incorporate more features, as chosen by the public, in future buses.

Picture: basic dot matrix

Picture: LCD panel to be tested

How PIDS will benefit commuters

4    Currently, basic single-line LED dot matrix panels on some buses inform commuters of the next stop, and that the bus will be stopping when passengers press the bell.

5    The new upgraded panel will display more information such as the a) bus service number, b) current bus stop, c) upcoming ones, and d) end destination.

6    LTA will also test the display of information such as real-time messages on MRT service delay, traffic congestions that may affect the service route or other public service messages at a later date. The next bus stop will also be announced to help seniors and the visually impaired on their public transport journey.

7    Such real-time information allows commuters to make more informed decisions on the go, and a better travelling experience for their public transport commute.

Hearing from commuters

8    Bus service 106 plies along housing estates and schools in the Bukit Batok and Commonwealth areas. The bus service also plies along the commercial and financial districts in the Orchard and Shenton Way areas.

9    LTA welcomes feedback from the commuters of bus service 106. Commuters can provide their feedback through the online feedback form at https://www.lta.gov.sg/feedback/. LTA will also carry out surveys onboard the bus. The feedback will help LTA understand what commuters would like to see in PIDS before its eventual roll-out.


[1] CFMS is the new Automatic Vehicle Location and Control system that is being installed on all buses.   It allows the Service Controllers of all bus operators to actively see all buses on a route. LTA uses this system to provide bus stop information to passengers.

[2] ST Electronics (Info-Comms Systems) has implemented various transport systems in Singapore, including CCTV surveillance at traffic junctions.

[3] Trapeze Switzerland GMBH Consortium specialises in implementing transport control systems for public transport, including Transport for London’s 8,500 buses.


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