Factsheet: Travel Smart Network

News Releases 07 Mar 2016 travel smart

The Travel Smart Network is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to encourage employers to reduce the demand for peak hour travel in their organisations, and the use of more sustainable modes of travel. Travel Smart Network started in July 2012 with a two-year pilot that involved 12 organisations. Following the successful conclusion of the pilot, Travel Smart Network was launched in July 2014.

Today, Travel Smart Network organisations are able to tap on three new initiatives:

•  Corporate-Tier Travel Smart Rewards (TSR) for which employees of Travel Smart Network organisations can enrol and enjoy an attractive sign-up points bonus as well as extra points for off-peak travel on the MRT/LRT network;

•  Travel Smart Consultancy Vouchers worth $30,000 to engage approved consultants to conduct employee travel pattern analysis and develop travel demand management action plans tailored to the needs of the organisation and its employees;

•   Travel Smart Grant of up to $160,000 annually for three years to co-fund the cost of measures which organisations put in place to support the adoption of flexi-travel arrangements by their employees.

TSN Promotional Activities

Promotional activities to encourage employees on the TSN to change their travel patterns:

Launch of #wetravelsmart challenge to incentivise TSN companies to increase signups for Corporate-Tier TSR as well as to encourage employees to travel off-peak. The objective of this challenge is to motivate employees to band together and travel off-peak to help their organisation win this challenge. The winning organisation of this challenge will receive a trophy and plaque during Travel Smart Day 2016 (refer to Annex A for EDM). The challenge also serves as an impetus to highlight & create awareness of the upcoming TSD 2016.

Mobile food truck roadshow at One Raffles Place on 7 and 8 March to increase awareness and promote some of our individual-base Travel Smart initiatives such as Travel Smart Rewards, Off Peak Pass and Free Pre-Peak Travel, to employees working in the CBD. On top of the free lunches given out at the mobile food truck, breakfast vouchers, brochures and gifts were also given out to encourage commuters in the CBD to make use of the off-peak travel initiatives.

Collaboration with Service Providers

To facilitate the implementation of Travel Smart measures within TSN organisations:

• LTA is exploring potential collaboration with potential service providers (e.g. gyms, class providers, F&B outlets etc) who wish to provide packaged Travel Smart measures (e.g. pre-peak breakfast/exercise activities that take place before 8am) that TSN organisations can offer to employees as incentives to “Travel Smart. Interested service providers can email LTA-TravelSmart@lta.gov.sg to find out more information.

Annex A: Case studies of companies who are using the Travel Smart Grant or part of the Travel Smart Network

Annex B: EDM of #wetravelsmart challenge


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