Learning the Safe Way to Ride

News Releases 25 May 2016 road safety safe cycling

LTA pilots Safe Cycling Programme to inculcate safe riding habits

The Land Transport Authority (LTA), together with the Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC), jointly conducted the first Safe Cycling Programme earlier today at the launch of the Singapore Road Safety Month 2016.

2 With more people taking up cycling as an alternative mode of transport, the Safe Cycling Programme has been developed to educate participants on safe cycling skills, practices, and the proper use of cycling-related facilities in Singapore. The programme also focuses on the new rules and code of conduct on cycling, as part of public education efforts to nurture a culture of sharing paths in a safe and gracious manner.

3 “The Safe Cycling Programme will enable cyclists to learn about how they can ensure their safety as well as the safety of others such as pedestrians and fellow cyclists. At the same time, through a sustained programme, we hope to better equip specific user groups, such as youths, with the necessary safe riding skills as more take up cycling as an active way of commuting,” said LTA Chief Executive, Mr Chew Men Leong.    

4 The Safe Cycling Programme’s curriculum features both theory and practical sessions that will convey safe cycling habits in an easy-to-remember and fun manner. At the end of the half-day course, participants would have learnt how to conduct a basic pre-ride check, plan a cycling route, how to use cycling facilities properly and have good cycling etiquette, such as ways to navigate crowded areas safely and graciously.

5 LTA and SRSC are working with various government agencies, non-profit organisations, as well as schools to reach out to migrant workers, students, and the community at large. Pilot courses will be conducted with each of these target groups, at locations such as workers’ dormitories, schools and community centres. The feedback received from the participants at these pilot runs will help to further refine the programme, before it is rolled out on a larger scale to the public at the end of this year.

6 The Safe Cycling Programme complements existing efforts by LTA to promote safe and gracious cycling habits, such as the Safe Riders Campaign launched in April this year. In addition to these public education efforts, LTA will also continue to partner community interest groups, grassroots organisations, as well as retailers of bicycles and Personal Mobility Devices to foster a culture of safe and gracious sharing of paths.

7 Please refer to the ANNEX for more information on the Safe Cycling Programme curriculum.

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