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News Releases 02 Jun 2016 Journey Planner

LTA Collaborates With Industry Partners
to Co-Create Multi-Modal Journey Planners


    Starting from end-2016, commuters can look forward to a slew of new and enhanced journey planners to help them plan the best multi-modal public transport routes, using all available mobility options, from riding the trains and buses to walking, cycling and using personal mobility devices.

2   The Land Transport Authority (LTA) issued a Call-for-Collaboration in October last year to partner with industry players to either co-create new multi-modal journey planners or enhance their existing ones. Following the evaluation of more than 20 proposals from some of the biggest names in the IT industry and a number of up-and-coming technopreneurs, LTA has identified four companies to partner with – Citymapper, Google, Hugo and Quantum Inventions.

3   Said Mr Chew Men Leong, LTA Chief Executive, “As we continue to expand our public transport network, and provide more sheltered walkways and more extensive cycling path networks, commuters will benefit from using better journey planners that can help them take advantage of the various mobility options available to reach their destinations efficiently and comfortably. Hence, we are working with industry players to provide more and better options to serve the needs of our commuters. This is in line with the Government’s efforts to promote walking, cycling and riding public transport as a way of life in Singapore, as well as the Smart Nation initiative to co-create better solutions with businesses and citizens.”

4   Many of the proposals received offered unique value propositions that would enrich the digital ecosystem for land transport, and were evaluated based on three broad categories – product capability, innovativeness, as well as market reach and branding.

5   As part of the two-year collaboration, LTA will provide the selected companies with anonymised land transport data for creating or enhancing their journey planners. These companies will be expected to share the data and insights gained from the use of their journey planners, which can serve as useful feedback for further improving the land transport network.


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