LTA will require registration of e-bikes for more effective enforcement

Media Replies 25 Jul 2016 motorised bicycles

We refer to Mr Anthony Dass’ forum letter, ‘Time to consider licensing motorised bikes’ (ST, 15 Jul 2016).

As announced at the 2016 Committee of Supply Debate, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will require the registration of power-assisted bicycles, or e-bikes, for more effective enforcement, in particular, against illegal modification on them. This is part of a set of recommendations submitted to the Government by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP) to promote the safe and gracious sharing of paths. The registration will enhance LTA’s enforcement against the use of non-compliant and illegally modified e-bikes. LTA will announce more details by the end of this year.

Under the AMAP’s recommendations, the use of e-bikes will only be allowed on shared and cycling paths, as they are generally wider as compared to footpaths. Users of e-bikes must also adhere to a speed limit of 25km/h, as well as practise safe riding habits, such as giving way to pedestrians, when they are used on shared and cycling paths. E-bikes can also be used on the roads.  

Currently, only low-powered EN15194-compliant models of e-bikes approved by LTA and affixed with an LTA seal are allowed for use. The electric motor can only cut in when the rider starts to pedal, and it must be progressively reduced and finally cut off if the rider stops pedalling or when the e-bike reaches 25km/h.

We thank Mr Dass for the opportunity to clarify.


Helen Lim (Ms)
Group Director, Corporate Communications Group
Land Transport Authority

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