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Join the Thoughtful Bunch for a Weekend of Fun at Marina Square on
3rd and 4th September 2016

1.  Looking for a fun-filled weekend with Thoughtful Characters Stand-Up Stacey, Give-Way Glenda, Move-In Martin and friends? Come on down to Marina Square Atrium between 11am and 8.30pm this Saturday and Sunday! You can even win attractive prizes if you dress up like the Thoughtful Characters or execute their signature move/dance that best brings out the thoughtful messages.

Graciousness Index Remains Stable

2.  The spirit of graciousness has taken root amongst commuters, as the Commuter Graciousness Index[1] in 2015 remains stable at 61%, similar to the index in 2014.

3.  Give-Way Glenda continues to lead the Thoughtful Bunch with her gracious behaviour, with results of the post-2015 campaign survey of 1,000 participants showing that around 70% of commuters have noticed their fellow commuters queuing up and giving way. Cheers to Stand-up Stacey, as 67% of the commuters have noticed that more people are giving up their seats, a 4% percentage-point increase from the previous year! Move-in Martin continues to inspire commuters, with around 50% of respondents have witnessed commuters moving in to allow others to board the train or bus.

4.  Our new friends, Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah have also made an impact on commuters, with respondents noticing that more commuters put their bags down in public transport and keep their volumes down as compared to the post-2014 campaign survey.

The Thoughtful Bunch Awaits You at Marina Square!

5.  To kickstart the Graciousness campaign this year, an exciting line-up of activities awaits the entire family at Marina Square on the first weekend of September.

6.  On 3 September, you are invited to participate in the Thoughtful Bunch Look-Alike Contest where you can either dress up like one of the Thoughtful Characters or do a dance move/routine that best brings out what each of the Thoughtful Character stands for. You can participate as an individual or in a team. Participants with the most creative and original costumes or creative and entertaining performances stand to win an iPad Pro and other attractive prizes!

7.  Want to see the Thoughtful Bunch in action? You will be able to enjoy the Thoughtfulness Musical at 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 5.30pm on 4 September, which conveys the graciousness messages in a fun and interactive manner. Come join in to sing and dance along with them!

8.  Over the weekend, you will also be able to participate in other interactive and fun-filled activities at the event that are sure to be entertaining for all, while learning all about the wonders of being thoughtful.

9.  In the coming month, new Graciousness banners, posters and LTA’s very first 3-D Thoughtfulness bus shelter will be on display opposite Mandarin Orchard. In addition, commuters can also take part in the Thoughtful Snaps Instagram Contest at selected bus stop and win attractive prizes. Please refer to the Annex for more details.

10. On top of these, you will see Stand-Up Stacey, who first made her debut on the Downtown Line trains’ reserved seats will now be seen on all trains on the MRT network by the end of this year. You will see her gently nudging you to give up your seat to others who need it more.

Create #MyThoughtfulMe Character Contest

11. Inspired by the Thoughtful Bunch? You can now create your own #MyThougthfulMe characters on and stand to attractive prizes if you do so before 15 September 2016! Download and share your creation on your social media pages to increase your chances of winning, be part of the Thoughtful Bunch today!

About the Graciousness Programme

The Land Transport Authority began graciousness programmes for public transport in 2009 to promote simple acts of thoughtful behaviour on public transport such as giving up seats, queuing and moving in for a more pleasant commute. The five Thoughtful Characters introduced in 2014 - Stand-up Stacey, Give-Way Glenda, Move-in Martin, Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah - profile thoughtful commuting by depicting the best in all of us.

Annex: Graciousness visuals in the public transport network


[1] The Commuter Graciousness Index was first introduced in 2015. It measures the three primary thoughtful behaviours embodied by Stand-Up Stacey, Move-In Martin and Give-Way Glenda. The index is compiled from the results of the post Graciousness campaign survey of 1,000 participants each year.


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