Factsheet: Singapore’s First Fully Automated Underground Bicycle Parking System at Kampung Admiralty

News Releases 03 Sep 2016 Factsheet bicycle parking

1.  From early 2017, Kampung Admiralty residents will be able to try out Singapore’s first fully automated underground bicycle parking system. Cyclists will be able to store their bicycles and cycling gear securely, and protect their bicycles from theft, vandalism, and the weather. Catering to the growing cycling population at Admiralty, the underground system can store around 500 bicycles, hence saving land that would otherwise be used for at-grade bicycle parking.

2.  The trial of the underground bicycle parking system is part of the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s efforts to encourage more people to take up cycling for commuting, and to realise the vision of a Walk Cycle Ride Singapore. The trial will assess the user experience and financial viability of the underground bicycle parking system. If the trial is successful, LTA will consider whether to extend this to other locations.

3.  To provide a more conducive environment for active modes of commuting, LTA will widen paths in Admiralty and Woodlands so that pedestrians, cyclists and personal mobility device users can share the space more safely and comfortably. Works are expected to be completed in 2020.

4.  Besides cycling infrastructure, LTA has rolled out the “Safe Riders” campaign to remind cyclists and personal mobility device users to share paths in a safe and gracious manner. The campaign will raise awareness on the seven riding habits cyclists and personal mobility device users should practise. Banners illustrating these habits, such as ‘slow down and look out for pedestrians’, ‘stop and look out for vehicles before crossing’ are placed around Admiralty MRT station. LTA and the Singapore Road Safety Council are also developing the Safe Cycling Programme, to educate cyclists on safe cycling practices, proper use of cycling infrastructure and the rules and code of conduct. This programme will be rolled out at community centres, schools and migrant worker dormitories at the end of this year.

5.  LTA has also been engaging the local community to introduce the Active Mobility Patrol Scheme. Grassroots organisations from Admiralty, Sembawang and Woodlands Constituencies have come on board the scheme to form volunteer teams, conduct regular, self-organised patrols and engage and educate users of bicycles and personal mobility devices. Through this initiative, LTA aims to facilitate greater community participation in fostering a harmonious sharing culture among the residents, thereby creating a safe commuting environment for all users.

Annex: Artist Impression of Automated Bicycle Parking System

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