Factsheet: Active Mobility Bill

News Releases 10 Jan 2017 active mobility Factsheet Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

  • New Rules and Code of Conduct for Cycling and the Use of Personal Mobility Devices
  • Stiffer Penalties for Reckless Behaviour
  • Stiffer Penalties for Illegal Modification and Sale of Non-Compliant Devices

    The Active Mobility Bill was read for the second time in Parliament today.

2.  As announced at the Ministry of Transport’s 2016 Committee of Supply Debate, the Government has accepted in full the Active Mobility Advisory Panel’s recommendations on cycling and the use of personal mobility devices (PMDs).  The Active Mobility Bill puts these recommendations into effect.

3.  The Bill empowers the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to regulate the types of devices permitted, and the behaviour of device users, on public paths. Please refer to Annex A for the key regulations in the Bill and its subsidiary legislations, as well as the code of conduct.

4.  The Bill introduces penalties for reckless riding behaviour. For instance, those found to be riding recklessly can be fined up to $5,000, or imprisoned for up to six months, or both. Cyclists and users of PMDs and PABs who fail to provide their personal particulars or render assistance in the event of an accident can be fined up to $3,000 or imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both. In addition to these new penalties, cyclists and users who cause injury to others may also be charged under the Penal Code, and can be fined up to $5,000, or imprisoned for up to a year, or both. LTA may also require offenders to attend the Safe Cycling Programme, in addition to paying a composition sum for compoundable offences.  Please refer to Annex B.

5.  The Bill also prescribes penalties to deter the illegal modification of devices and the sale of non-compliant devices. Those found modifying bicycles, PMDs or PABs to render them non-compliant, and sellers of non-compliant bicycles, PMDs or PABs for use on public paths can be fined up to $5,000 or imprisoned for up to three months, or both, for the first offence.  Please refer to Annex C.

6.  LTA and other partner agencies, such as NParks, will be given powers to enforce against individuals who cycle or use PMDs recklessly on public paths and retailers who sell non-compliant devices. These include the powers to inspect businesses suspected of illegally modifying devices, seize and forfeit non-compliant devices, and demand identification information from suspected offenders and arrest those who refuse to cooperate.

7.  To complement enforcement efforts, the Bill also enhances efforts to educate the public and to inculcate a culture of safety. The Bill empowers LTA to appoint volunteers under the Active Mobility Patrol Scheme as public path wardens. The volunteers will not have powers to seize or arrest, but will have limited enforcement powers such as to obtain personal particulars of individuals suspected of committing an offence. They will carry out regular patrols to educate the public on safe practices on public paths and deter reckless behaviour.

8.  These measures aim to create a safe environment for all users of public paths. LTA would also like to urge all cyclists and PMD users to ride safely and observe the new rules and code of conduct.

Annex A: Key regulations proposed in the Bill and subsidiary legislations
Annex B: Proposed penalty framework for reckless riding behaviour
Annex C: Proposed penalty framework for illegal modification and sale of non-compliant devices


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