Improved Safe Riding Programme for All Active Mobility Users

News Releases 26 Feb 2017 Car-Free Sunday SG

    Participants of February’s edition of Car-Free Sunday were given a preview of the upcoming Safe Riding Programme (SRP), which will be implemented by July 2017. The programme will educate participants on safe riding practices, and includes a practical component to teach participants how to manoeuvre their bicycles, personal mobility devices (PMDs) or power-assisted bicycles (PABs) safely and react to various situations when riding on public paths.

Refining the Curriculum

2.  With the growing popularity of PMDs and PABs, the SRP has been expanded to cater to more users. It will familiarise participants to the new rules and code of conduct under the Active Mobility Act, the proper use of cycling-related infrastructure, as well as safety riding habits and skills. The programme will be available at selected community centres, schools and migrant worker dormitories by July 2017. To encourage public interest and participation, the programme will be fully subsidised for a start.

3.  Since May 2016, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been working with the Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) to conduct pilot sessions with close to a hundred students, migrant workers and other members of the public to refine and update the Safe Riding Programme. Based on feedback received, the original half-day programme has been condensed into a 90-minute session, with the introduction of a ‘hands-on’ segment carried out in a training circuit to more effectively inculcate safety habits and skills.

4.  T
he training circuit simulates various scenarios that cyclists and riders may encounter when using public paths, and allows trainers to correct participants as they practise the safety skills learnt. It features straight and S-line courses to help participants build up their skills and confidence in handling their devices at various speeds and situations. Participants will also be taught safe riding practices such as riding at low speeds, giving way to pedestrians at bus stops and zebra crossings, and how to respond when encountering blind spots.

5.  The SRP curriculum comprising 4 modules (i) equipment and pre-journey preparation, (ii) infrastructure familiarisation, (iii) skills training and (iv) rules and code of conduct. Please refer to the ANNEX for more information on the SRP curriculum. The theory modules for the SRP has also been made available on the LTA website for easy access by everyone.

Appointment of Training Providers

6.  LTA will be calling a tender in the coming weeks to appoint training provider(s) to develop a pool of trainers to conduct the SRP.

7.  LTA and SRSC will also continue to work with various government agencies, non-profit organisations, schools, as well as industry partners to raise awareness of safe riding as part of our efforts to foster a culture of safe and gracious sharing of paths.

ANNEX: Safe Riding Programme Curriculum

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