Private Hire Cars not exempt from child seat requirement

Media Replies 10 Feb 2017 private hire cars

We refer to the letter by the National Private Hire Vehicles Association, “Exempt private hire cars from child seat requirement” (TNP, 1 Feb 2017).

For safety reasons, all vehicles in Singapore must have booster seats or child restraints for passengers under 1.35m in height. However, taxis are exempted from this rule because they can be street-hailed. Hence, it would not be reasonable to expect them to be equipped with booster seats and child restraints at all times, or to reject passengers with infants or children.

In comparison, private hire cars, which must be pre-booked, allows passengers to indicate if they require booster seats or child restraints at the point of booking. This gives private hire car drivers sufficient advance notice to prepare accordingly. 

The current approach strikes a balance between practicality and ensuring that the safety of our children is not compromised. We encourage the National Private Hire Vehicles Association to work closely with private hire car booking service operators on this rule.

Thank you.

Leow Yew Chin
Director, Public Transport Promotion and Services
Land Transport Authority

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