Open Strollers to be Allowed on Public Buses

News Releases 08 Mar 2017 Committee of Supply (COS) open strollers public buses

    As announced by Second Minister for Transport Mr Ng Chee Meng at the 2017 Committee of Supply Debate, families will be allowed to bring open strollers on board public buses.

2.  From 2 April this year, open strollers will be allowed on all public buses. LTA and the public bus operators remain concerned about the safety of children in open strollers, but on balance, have decided to remove the current prohibition in response to feedback from parents and caregivers. The move is also part of the Government’s overall efforts to create a public transport network that is more accessible, convenient and user-friendly for all, including families with young children.

3.  Open strollers can pose safety concerns to the child inside if, for example, the bus’ emergency brake is applied. Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children’s safety throughout the journey, and should abide by LTA’s guidelines for travelling with open strollers on buses (see Annex). Parents and caregivers can approach the bus captains if they require assistance. If there are space constraints, bus captains may request for strollers to be folded.

4.  To improve safety, various Institutes of Higher Learning have been developing restraint systems to help parents and caregivers secure the strollers on board buses. In addition to holding on to their strollers throughout the journey, parents and caregivers are encouraged to use the restraint system where available. A prototype will be tested on one bus from the second quarter of 2017. The service number of the bus used for the prototyping will be announced at a later date.

5.  LTA will reach out to parents, caregivers, commuters and other stakeholders to seek their feedback and fine-tune the guidelines if necessary.

Annex: Guidelines on Open Strollers on Public Buses 


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