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News Releases 31 Mar 2017 travel smart

1     Good news for commuters! On 1 April 2017, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will launch an enhanced Travel Smart Rewards (TSR) scheme. TSR users who make the switch to travel off-peak will be rewarded by more than $100 a year! This is not all – all TSR users can also participate in the monthly lucky draws – so the more off-peak train trips made, the greater the chances of winning the top prize of $1,500.

2     On top of this, participants will continue to earn TSR points for every trip they make on the rail network during their weekday commute[1]. The enhanced TSR experience will also be more interactive with new games and include personalised features to nudge participants to travel off-peak to earn more rewards.    

Exciting New Features

3     Aside from a brand new portal with a more user-friendly interface, users can look forward to a new interactive game, “The Ride One”[2], where they can stand a chance to win up to $200 in cash. More interactive games will be introduced in the coming months.

4     Another feature of the new TSR is the personalised travel planner, which will be available from June. The personalised travel planner analyses TSR users’ overall travel patterns and recommends a customised Travel Plan that would allow them to earn guaranteed cash rewards, of more than $100 per year, if they shift to or maintain an off-peak travel pattern.

5    The new TSR will be open for new sign-ups from 1 April at the new TSR Portal ( Existing participants will be automatically migrated to the new TSR, and will enjoy a transition bonus worth 1,000 points if they update their details through a link sent to their registered email addresses before 31 May 2017. The existing TSR will cease from 9 April and unused points after 31 March will be auto-played. Users will receive their winnings automatically through their registered bank account or CEPAS card.

6    Said Mr Jeremy Yap, Deputy Chief Executive, Public Transport, Policy & Planning, Land Transport Authority, “With this new system, commuters will enjoy a more personalised travel planner catered to their travel patterns, and earn cash directly if they shift their travel patterns and commute off-peak. We hope that commuters will enjoy our brand new Travel Smart Rewards, have a better commuting experience and be rewarded for it.”

About TSR

7    First launched in 2012 and modelled after the Incentives for Singapore’s Commuters (INSINC) pilot, TSR incentivises and encourages commuters to shift their travel patterns and move out of the peak travel periods while earning points and cash rewards at the same time.  For more information, please visit[3].

Annex: Enhanced TSR Portal with improved User Interface



[1] The current TSR awards points based on distance travelled. In the new TSR, points awarded will be simplified to be on a per trip basis.

[2] To play the game, participants have to guide the main character to a vacant MRT seat during rush hours but at the same time keep a lookout for the elderly or pregnant.

[3] The website will be launched on 1 April. 


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