3,000 More Bicycle Parking Lots Added at MRT Stations

News Releases 12 Jul 2017 MRT stations cycling infrastructure bicycle parking

    Cyclists can look forward to more parking lots at MRT stations as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) continues to improve cycling infrastructure to support a growing cyclist population.

2.  LTA will be calling tender for the installation of 3,000 bicycle parking lots at 28 MRT stations, to augment the existing 17,500 bicycle parking lots at MRT stations. (Please refer to ANNEX for a list of the 28 MRT stations.)

3.  In addition, the new Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) stations will also be outfitted with 1,700 bicycle parking lots in total. Stations that are likely to see more cyclist traffic, such as Tampines station, an interchange station connecting the East-West-Line and Downtown Line, will be outfitted with more parking lots.

4.  Other than bicycle parking lots, LTA has also added 34 new bicycle parking zones at existing MRT stations and bus stops, which can accommodate 1,400 bicycles in total. More of these parking zones will be progressively provided at more locations island-wide for the convenience of commuters. LTA is also working with NParks, HDB and Town Councils to increase bicycle parking capacity at other public spaces with high demand.

5.  LTA would like to remind all cyclists to park their bicycles within the designated parking areas. Enforcement action will be taken against indiscriminately parked bicycles.

Annex: List of the 28 MRT stations

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