Factsheet: Enhanced Travel Smart Initiatives to Encourage Off-Peak Travel

News Releases 29 Sep 2017 travel smart Factsheet

Travel Smart Grant Extended to Developers and Office Building Owners

1     The Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Travel Smart Network programme comprises three initiatives, all of which are geared towards reducing demand for peak hour travel and encouraging flexible travel arrangements.           

What’s New

2     LTA’s enhanced Travel Smart Rewards, launched on 1 April 2017, has drawn almost 110,000 sign-ups within six months.

3     Starting today, LTA will also extend the Travel Smart Grant to developers and owners of office buildings, to provide end-of-trip facilities such as showers, lockers, and drying stations. For each successful application, LTA will fund up to 80% of the cost of such facilities, subject to a maximum of $80,000 per development.

4     More than 200 organisations have joined the Travel Smart Network since its launch in 2014. These organisations employ more than 320,000 staff in total and cover a wide range of sectors, from finance and manufacturing to logistics and services.

Travel Smart Network Initiatives

5     Travel Smart Network organisations are able to tap on three initiatives:

  1. Travel Smart Rewards
  2. Travel Smart Grant
  3. Travel Smart Consultancy Vouchers


  1. Travel Smart Rewards
  • Travel Smart Rewards encourages participating commuters to shift their commute outside of the morning peak period through personalised travel planner messages, points and cash rewards. This contributes to better rides for commuters as well as a more efficient use of Singapore’s rail network.
  • Points earned can either be used to play the Travel Smart Rewards game to win more points and cash rewards, or be converted to cash directly. Commuters who follow suggested travel times and show a sustained change in their travel patterns can earn rewards of more than $100 per year.
  • Organisations who are part of the Travel Smart Network are eligible for Corporate-Tier Travel Smart Rewards. Employees of these organisations can benefit by:
    • Enjoying 1,000 bonus points for signing up; and
    • Earning 5 more points for every trip made on the MRT/LRT network compared to general Travel Smart Rewards participants
  • Employees of Travel Smart Network companies can also take part in two draws of the $1,500 monthly lucky draw: one for all participants, and the other only for Corporate-Tier participants.
  • For more information, please visit https://www.travelsmartrewards.lta.gov.sg.
  1. Travel Smart Grant
  • LTA provides the Travel Smart Grant to organisations to implement or trial flexi-travel initiatives. Organisations can claim up to $160,000 annually, for 3 years, to co-fund initiatives that give employees the flexibility to travel to work before or after the morning peak period, use more sustainable modes of transport like cycling, or reduce the need to travel by working away from the office.
  1. Travel Smart Consultancy Vouchers
  • The Travel Smart Consultancy Vouchers was set up to provide funding of up to $30,000 for companies to engage approved consultants for a maximum of one year. These consultants can help companies conduct employee travel pattern analysis and develop travel demand management action plans tailored to the needs of the company and its employees. The measures in the travel demand management action plans can then be implemented via the Travel Smart Grant.
  • Since 2014, 61 companies have made use of the Travel Smart Consultancy Vouchers.
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