LTA Forms New Subsidiary to Implement Kuala Lumpur - Singapore High Speed Rail Project

News Releases 21 Sep 2017 high speed rail (HSR)

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced today that it has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary – SG HSR PTE. LTD. – to implement the Kuala Lumpur - Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project.

2.  SG HSR will be Singapore’s Infrastructure Company for the HSR project, and will build, own, fund and maintain the civil infrastructure in Singapore. This includes the HSR station in Jurong East, the tunnels and a share of the connecting bridge over the Straits of Johor. SG HSR will work with its Malaysian counterpart, MyHSR Corp, to jointly appoint an Assets Company[1] and an International Operator[2] through a fair and open international tender. When HSR services commence, SG HSR will also administer the various concessions.

3.  “The HSR is an exciting bilateral project that will bring Singapore and Malaysia closer, and allow people to connect more conveniently and efficiently for business and leisure. SG HSR will provide stronger management focus and dedicated resources to handle the complexities of the project and meet the ambitious 2026 timeline. SG HSR will work under the close guidance of the LTA and the Ministry of Transport to ensure smooth implementation of the HSR project,” said Mr Ngien Hoon Ping, LTA Chief Executive.

4.  SG HSR will have an initial share capital of S$1 million. Mr Alan Chan, LTA Chairman, will concurrently be the Chairman of SG HSR’s Board of Directors. Mr Richard Lim, LTA Deputy Chairman, will concurrently hold the appointment of SG HSR Deputy Chairman. Please refer to Annex A for a list of SG HSR’s Board of Directors. Given that this is a long-term project with a significant construction phase (approximately 8 years) before service begins, SG HSR is expected to receive funding support from the Government in the initial years.

5.  Mr Rama Venkta, has been appointed Managing Director of SG HSR and Mr Chin Chee Kiat, has been appointed Deputy Managing Director of SG HSR. Please refer to Annex B for their CVs.



SG HSR is Singapore’s Infrastructure Company for the Kuala Lumpur - Singapore High Speed Rail Project, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LTA. It will build, own, fund, operate and maintain the civil infrastructure in Singapore, and will also jointly appoint the Assets Company and the International Operator with MyHSR Corp, through fair, open and transparent international tenders.

About LTA

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport of Singapore.

About the Kuala Lumpur - Singapore HSR

The Kuala Lumpur - Singapore HSR is a strategic project between the Governments of Malaysia and Singapore that aims to facilitate a 90-minute travel time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The project is expected to enhance business linkages and bring the people of both countries closer. The Governments of both countries signed a Bilateral Agreement on 13 December 2016 which captured the key points of agreement on the project, including the technical parameters, commercial model, customs, immigration and quarantine clearance, safety and security matters, regulatory framework and project management approach. As part of the next phase of the project preparation, the Governments of Malaysia and Singapore have tasked MyHSR Corp and SG HSR respectively to implement the project.


[1] The Assets Company is responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining all rolling stock, as well as designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining all rail assets (e.g. track-work, power, signalling and telecommunications). It will also coordinate the system’s network capacity for operations and maintenance needs.

[2] The International Operator will operate the KL-Singapore Express Service (non-stop 90 minute service), and the cross-border Shuttle Service between Iskandar Puteri and Singapore.

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