Working Towards a Safer Workplace

News Releases 04 Sep 2017 Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC)

  • New handbook to share good practices amongst LTA contractors
  • 23 contractors honoured for good workplace safety

    As part of efforts to strengthen workplace safety awareness amongst its contractors, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has launched a new Workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Good Practices Handbook at the 19th Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC) today.

2.  The handbook is a compilation of exemplary safety and environmental site practices implemented by LTA’s contractors who have gone the extra mile to achieve safety and environmental excellence on LTA projects. These good practices comprise innovative solutions to challenges faced on most worksites, as well as improved work procedures that aim at enhancing safety and environmental performance. For example, to facilitate quick identification of workers’ competency, stickers or badges are issued to workers trained in specialised skillsets. These badges are then displayed prominently on their work-wear. Some contractors have also set up safety training schools on worksites to provide hands-on learning experiences on workplace safety and health.

3.  To enable easy access to the handbook, contractors can scan a QR code and download an e-copy of the handbook which they can share with their colleagues and fellow industry partners.  The QR code will also be printed on the bi-annual safety newsletters which are circulated to LTA staff and LTA contractors.

A Skilled and Safer Workforce

4.  The theme for this year’s convention, “Safety is My Responsibility”, aims to drive home the message that every worker in the construction value chain should make a personal commitment to embrace a safety-first mind-set that also extends to ensuring their fellow workers’ safety.

5.  Speaking at the event, LTA Chairman Mr Alan Chan had called for LTA’s contractors to instil a greater sense of individual ownership towards safer work practices. To set an example for their employees, Mr Chan also urged senior management of construction firms to lead by example and walk the ground, as well as to ensure the proficiency of workers. Said Mr Chan: “Safety does not just lie with LTA or with your WSH personnel. It is everyone’s responsibility. We must breathe and live this motto, because every project requires teamwork, and we all play different roles to deliver it safely. The success of each project is not just its completion, but in how it was completed; safely.”

23 Contractors Honoured

6.  At the event, a total of 23 contractors were also honoured for their excellent WSH practices in the past year. Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co (Singapore) Pte Ltd was presented with the top award, and the LTA Contractors Challenge Shield, for its work on the Thomson-East Coast Line’s Shenton Way station and tunnels.

7.  This year, a total of 48 participating contracts from various categories were eligible for the award. The finalists for the LTA Contractors Challenge Shield are shortlisted under the Mega Category following a stringent audit, which includes a comprehensive review of the site's WSH management system and worksite practices. Please refer to the Annex for the full list of winners.

About ASAC

8.  ASAC was inaugurated in 1999 to recognise contractors who have been proactive and successful in promoting WSH management practices at their worksites, ensuring high health, safety and welfare standards of the workers, and giving due consideration to protecting the public and the environment.

Annex: Full list of winners

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