17 Contractors Honoured for Excellent Workplace Safety Practices

News Releases 18 Aug 2010 Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC)

LTA achieves best safety record in the last 10 years

17 contractors were honoured for their excellent workplace safety practices at the 12th Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC). Organised by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), ASAC recognises contractors for excellent workplace safety and health (WSH) in the past year. Gammon Construction Limited received the top award, the LTA Contractors Challenge Shield[1] ,  for its work on the construction of Chinatown station as part of the Downtown Line 1 project. The full list of winners is available at Annex A.

2     Speaking at the event, LTA Chairman, Mr Michael Lim commended LTA on its lowest accident frequency rate of 0.79 per million man-hour and accident severity rate at 21 man-days lost per million man-hours worked. These are the lowest in the last 10 years and consistently better than the construction industry average. Emphasising the importance of safety, Mr Lim added that developers, main contractors, consultants and subcontractors must work collectively for safety performance.

3     The theme for this year's Convention, "Driving SDriving Safety Excellence through Teamwork" emphasises stakeholders' inter-dependence in achieving safety excellence. It aims to promote camaraderie among all levels in the site hierarchy and elevate awareness in supervision, coordination and communication.

4     This year, a total of 37 participating contracts from various categories were eligible for the award. The finalists for the Challenge Shield are shortlisted under the Mega Category following a stringent LTA safety audit, which includes a comprehensive review of the site's safety management system.

Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS)

5     Emphasising that safety is everyone's responsibility, LTA Chairman reinforced the need to look out for one another through "Behaviour-Based Safety" programmes. This will help develop a strong and sustainable safety culture in the quest for safety excellence. Early this year, LTA appointed a BBS consultant to undertake a pilot programme on a rail and a road project to explore innovative ways to effect change.

Guidebooks to Assist Contractors

6     The LTA also launched a vector control guidebook to provide more information on practical measures that contractors can adopt to prevent and control vectors. This guidebook demonstrates LTA's commitment in ensuring that the construction activities do not contribute to any public health concerns such as propagation of vectors.

About ASAC

7     ASAC was inaugurated in 1999 to recognise contractors who have been proactive and successful in promoting workplace safety and health management practices at their worksites, ensuring high health, safety and welfare standards of the workers, and giving due consideration to protecting the public and the environment.



[1] The LTA Contractors Challenge Shield is the top award given to the contractor that has achieved the most remarkable scores in workplace safety and health (WSH) in the past year.


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