2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix Updates

News Releases 24 Sep 2008 formula one (F1) Road Access Plan

- Updates on Traffic Situation on Road Leading to Marina Centre Area
- Race Weekend Road Closures :  26 to 28 September 2008

1. The LTA has observed smoother traffic flow in the second day of road closures in the Marina Centre area.

2. "Traffic volume along key access roads leading to the city centre, such as Nicoll Highway and North Bridge Road continue to be high, but vehicles have been able to travel more smoothly during the morning peak hours today," said Dr Chuai Chip Tiong, Deputy Director for Intelligent Transport Systems Centre, Land Transport Authority.

3. "On the first day of road closures, we have observed that many motorists without the necessary vehicle passes were trying to make use of the one-lane restricted access road leading to Raffles Boulevard and contributed to slow moving traffic. However, after the first day, we have seen fewer such vehicles trying to get through at the restricted access control points," Dr Chuai added.

4. Since mid-September, some 500,000 information brochures have been made available at selected bus interchanges, MRT stations, petrol kiosks around the island, and at the Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints to equip the public with information on road closures, public transport arrangements and how they can continue to access the establishments around the Marina Bay street circuit.

7. The public may also download this map from the LTA homepage at www.lta.gov.sg.

8. In light of the road closures, the LTA would like to encourage the public to plan their trips and make use of public transport to get into the Marina Centre area, if possible.

Race Weekend Road Closures : 26 to 28 September 2008

9. The following roads will be closed between 26 and 28 September for the 2008 FORMULA 1TM SingTel Singapore Grand Prix race. Please refer to the map at Annex A for details on road closures and restricted access roads.


Type of Access


Republic Boulevard (except between Republic Avenue andRaffles Boules Boulevard)

Full Road Closure

From 12 midnight on 26 September 2008 (Friday) to 12 midnight on 28 September 2008 (Sunday)

Raffles Boulevard

Raffles Avenue

Raffles Link

Bras Basah Road (between North Bridge Road and Beach Road )

Stamford Road (up to junction of St Andrew's Road)

Beach Road (between Bras Basah Road andStamford Road)

Esplanade Bridge

Connaught Drive

St Andrew's Road

  Fullerton Road

Parliament Place

Colombo Court

Coleman Street

Republic Avenue


Nicoll Highway (Middle Rd to Raffles Blvd)

All Day Restricted Access

(Only vehicles with pre-assigned passes will be allowed to enter)

Raffles Boulevard

Temasek Avenue

Temasek Boulevard

10. The road closures are implemented in phases to minimise disruption to the public and motorists. The next phase of road closure will be for the post-race phase between 29 September and 2 October, to facilitate the dismantling of the race infrastructure.

11. To cater to morning peak hour traffic, the LTA will open three out of four lanes of a stretch of Nicoll Highway towards Shenton Way between 5.00 am and 9.00 am on 26 September and 27 September. The stretch from Republic Avenue to Raffles Avenue will be opened between 5.00 am and 9.00 am on 26 September.

12. Vehicles entering these two roads during the re-opening hours need to adhere to a 4.3metre height limit.

Non Operation of ERP Gantries During F1

13. As the ERP gantries may interfere with sensitive video transmission equipment used for the F1 race, the following ERP gantries that are within the proximity of the race circuit will not be in operation. Vehicles going under these gantries during the specified dates and time will not be charged:

ERP Gantry

Non Operation Dates and Time

New Bridge Road

25 September & 26 September between 
6pm and 8pm

South Bridge Road

ECP (eastbound) from Ophir Road

Temasek Boulevard

25 September and 26 September between 
12pm and 8pm

27 September between 12.30pm and 8pm

Republic Boulevard


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