590 More MRT Train Trips Per Week From March 2011 LRT - Additional train on Sengkang East, and Punggol East to be operated in both directions

News Releases 08 Mar 2011 train services train trips

1 From the middle of this month, commuters can look forward to shorter waiting times for trains, as an additional 590 train trips per week will be added to the North-South-East-West Line (NSEWL) and North-East Line (NEL).

2 An additional LRT train will be added to Sengkang East Outer Loop by end May 2011 while Punggol East LRT will be operated in both directions throughout the day from 20 June 2011.

More Frequent Train Services on the NSEWL

3 From 13 March 2011, SMRT will be rolling out an additional 420 more train trips per week on the NSEWL, of which 260 will be added on weekdays and the remaining 160 trips will be added on weekends.

4 With more commuters heading home from the city area later in the evening, 8 weekday trips will be added after 10pm each day. These commuters will be able to enjoy a reduction in their waiting times from 5 min today to 3.5 to 4.5 minutes.

5 The remaining 220 weekday trips will be added to the periods immediately before and after the morning and evening peak hours between 6.30am to 7am, 9am to 10.45am, and 7.30pm to 10pm, and in the afternoons between 3.30pm to 5pm. In addition, the 160 weekend trips will be added throughout the day on weekends.

Increased Frequency and Less Crowded Trains on the NEL

6 From 21 March 2011, SBS Transit (SBST) will add another 170 trips per week on weekdays on the NEL.

7 Eight trips will be added daily during the morning and evening peak hours. With this, commuters will find their waiting times reduced by 15 to 30 seconds, to 2.5 to 3.75 minutes during the morning peak periods, and between 3 to 3.5 minutes during the evening peak periods.

8 The remaining 130 train trips will be added during the off-peak hours including lunch time from 12pm to 2pm.

Overall Increase on MRT System

9 With these 590 additional MRT trips, the operators have added a total of over 1,970 weekly train trips on the existing lines since 2008. These additional train trips will help to ease crowding, improve waiting times and enhance the level of train service for commuters. Please refer to Annex A for details of these trips.

Extension of Train Service Hours on Eve of Public Holidays

10 The operators will also be extending the train service hours on the eves of all public holidays. The last NSEWL trains departing from City Hall Station will leave at 12.30am, and the last NEL and Circle Line trains will leave Dhoby Ghaut Station at 12.38am and 12.35am respectively. The operators will continue to extend operating hours on the eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year to 2am.

Increased Capacity on Sengkang East Loop

11 SBST will operate one more LRT train on the Sengkang East Outer Loop system from end May 2011. With this addition, SBST will increase the capacity of the Sengkang East LRT by 14% during the morning peak hours and commuters on the Sengkang East Outer Loop will find their waiting times reduced from 4 to 5 minutes today to 3 to 4 minutes during the morning peak hours.

Improvements to Punggol East LRT

12 From 20 June 2011, SBST will operate the Punggol East LRT in both directions throughout the day, instead of only during morning peak hours currently. This will provide commuters of the Punggol East LRT the choice of either direction of travel, significantly improving travel times for many commuters

Increased Rail Capacity and Enhanced Train Service

13 LTA will continue to work closely with the two operators to monitor commuter demand and increase the frequency of the trains where possible to improve commuters' travelling experience.

Annex A: Additional MRT Trips since 2008

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