A role for all in road safety near schools

Media Replies 05 Mar 2010

We refer to Ms Shanta Sundarason's letter "Accident waiting to happen" (The Straits Times, 27 February, 2010).

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) is currently served by a number of pedestrian crossing facilities such as zebra crossings, pedestrian overhead bridge and traffic light crossing along Barker Road. As with all other primary schools in Singapore, there are prominent red markings on the road surface along Barker Road to alert motorists that they are entering a school zone. "Slow" road markings, traffic signs as well as road humps located at strategic locations also help to moderate the speed of drivers along Barker Road. By defining the area where activities related to primary schools are concentrated, we are able to alert motorists in advance that they are approaching a school zone and should slow down and drive carefully.

Besides putting in the necessary infrastructure, we also work closely with the schools to highlight the importance of road safety. To enhance the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, schools can provide traffic wardens at strategic locations to help guide both traffic and pedestrians to their schools. LTA will work with the Traffic Police, school and community to further review the traffic condition along Baker Road.

More importantly, motorists and pedestrians also have a part to play in keeping our roads safe. Pedestrians should check for oncoming traffic when crossing and motorists should keep a watch out for pedestrians at all times. We strongly urge motorists and pedestrians to exercise care and observe traffic rules to ensure safety on the roads.

We thank Ms Sundarason for the opportunity to clarify.


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