Added Convenience for Public Transport Users - Public Transport Portal and Real-Time SMS Bus Arrival Information

News Releases 17 Oct 2008 PublicTransport@SG

1. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) introduced two new initiatives today to further enhance convenience for public transport users. The two initiatives are: PublicTransport@SG, a one-stop public transport portal which provides information covering all public transport operators, and a real-time Short Message Service (SMS) bus arrival information service, SMS-BA. These initiatives will help make public transport a choice mode, by making it easier for commuters to plan their journeys.


2. Starting 17 October 2008, public transport commuters, including tourists, need only visit one website, PublicTransport@SG (, to access reliable and up-to-date public transport-related information.

3. The following features can be found on the website:

  1. Interactive maps for basic and premium bus routes; locations of public transport nodes such as bus stops, bus interchanges and MRT/ LRT stations; and the Park and Ride car park locations;
  2. Bus service information, including routes and fares;
  3. Key Bus Services Maps for tourists and infrequent public transport users. Each map provides pictorial information on key bus service stops and routes. The Maps also show MRT stations, significant buildings, tourist attractions and major shopping malls;
  4. MRT and LRT rail system maps;
  5. The Public Transport Guide, a comprehensive guide designed mainly for tourists;
  6. Premium bus service information;
  7. Taxi service information;
  8. Real-time Bus Arrival information along the Western academic belt and the 50 bus stops installed with the Real-time Bus Arrival panels;
  9. Real-time SMS Bus Arrival (SMS-BA) guide;
  10. Hyperlinks to related websites such as the Public Transport Journey Planner, the Singapore Tourist Pass, and public transport operators' websites; and
  11. Latest news on public transport promotions and initiatives.

Real-Time SMS Bus Arrival Information

4. LTA will implement a pilot service for public transport commuters to retrieve real-time bus arrival information via SMS. This initiative is an extension of the existing real-time bus arrival information panels at bus stops1.

5. LTA's new real-time SMS bus arrival information service complements SBST's iris system, which was the first to provide bus arrival time service via SMS to commuters. However, LTA's new system covers both SBST and SMRT bus services, helping commuters to better manage waiting time, transfers and make more informed travel decisions.

6. The SMS service will be on trial for six months beginning 17 October 2008 and will be available for the 166 bus stops along the Western academic belt. This belt includes tertiary institutions such as the National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic; post-secondary institutions such as Clementi ITE and Jurong Junior College; as well as secondary and primary schools. This belt was chosen to tap on a pool of about 55,000 technologically savvy students who frequently utilize services such as SMS. Please refer to Annex A for more details.

7. Commuters may retrieve real-time bus arrival information in two ways.

  1. For the next arrival time for all services at the selected bus stop, send an SMS to 77722 with the five digit bus stop code located on the bus stop pole.
  2. For the next and subsequent bus arrival time of a specific bus service at the selected bus stop, send an SMS to 77722 with the five digit bus stop code located on the bus stop pole and the bus service number.

The real-time bus arrival information will be provided via an SMS reply.

8. This SMS service will be available daily from 4.00am to 1.00am, which follows the typical basic bus service operating hours from 5.30am till midnight. Normal charges apply for the SMS request. The information provided (sent to the user) will be free for the first 6 months.

1Currently, commuters obtain real-time bus arrival information of both SBST and SMRT bus services at 50 bus stops in Singapore. Please refer to Annex B for more details.

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