Better signage for motorists

Media Replies 14 Mar 2008 safe cycling safety signs road safety

We refer to the letter 'Danger posed by many cyclists'. (TODAY, 7 March 2008).

We share the writer's concern for the safety of motorists and cyclists on the road. Given Singapore's land constraints, it is not practical to provide segregated lanes for motorists and cyclists.

In facilitating safety for motorists and cyclists, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will:

  • Install appropriate signs to alert motorists of the presence of cyclists along frequently used cycling routes such as those in the West Coast and Thomson areas, from mid-2008 onwards.
  • Work with other agencies to leverage on NParks' nation-wide Park Connectors Network to provide suitable connections where feasible to enable cyclists to get to public transport interchanges more easily.
  • Meanwhile, LTA continues to work closely with the Traffic Police to educate cyclists to observe traffic rules when using roads.

Road safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone has to play their part to be responsible and to keep a look-out for other road users like cyclists, pedestrians and other motorists. By being considerate to the needs of other road users, we can ensure a safe journey for all.


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